Trenutno stanje na ba2 serveru

  • Considering that the server is 3 weeks old already and we still don't have a thread I'm making one. To open and hopefully give this part of the forum some life, I've done some counting and have written a short long analysis for the top 10 alliances by population on the server. It's in english, because my Serbo-Croatian is nowhere near a good enough level for writing longer posts, and I figure more people will understand it this way than if it was in Slovenian. As far as methodology goes, I did the counting for 125% and 150% 15c, because those are the most wanted and that was a decent sample size, but not a huge amount of work. There are 103 such croppers on the server. I also checked the oases, because they are a good public of showing of the state of the cropper (and because only me and NNoob have two :)), since most people are using similar builds. In order from the 10th up:

    10. HUNTERS™

    They have 3 such croppers, 2 have an oasis. This seems to be a premade greek team, who while small (20 players) have pretty high average population. A large majority of them spawned in --, and stayed there. I don't know much about them otherwise, but I would say just from the fact that they're premade, on the same coordinates and their average population they're stronger than 10th on the server. They currently have one alliance and no NAPs, the alliance is with ΠΕΖΩΝA.

    9. ΠΕΖΩΝA

    They have 3 such croppers, 1 has an oasis. They are another greek alliance, who has more players, but a way lower average population. Gettermap: They didn't spawn in the same coordinates so I don't think they're premade, and don't know anything else about them.

    8. Δ or DELTA

    They have 7 such croppers, 5 with oasis. I don't think they're premade, but I'm not sure. Similarly to Hunters, they have a pretty high average population and are very good in the croppers part. They're all in ++. Even though they have only 32 players, I think they're the strongest ally in the ++, despite a low population rank. They're part of the what I'll call BULGARIA meta, being allied with BULGARIA and ALIENStm, who are both coming up later.

    7. GDP

    They have 11 such croppers, none with oasis. I think they must be premade, a bunch of them settled really far away, which is IMO a smart strategy with the new TS if you're not going for building a WW, but rather supporting one or playing king maker. They took 10 of the 11 croppers on really far away coordinates, kinda reminiscent of BG from ba6, and are probably looking to sim up in peace there and abuse the new TS to their fullest. This is their Gettermap:

    I would have liked to see a few more of the good crops in the north, but close to 200 200, but in general I think they're set up strongly. I wouldn't count them having no oases against them, as developing a cropper thats like 15h away from the spawn will obviously go much slower.


    4 such croppers, non with oasis. The croppers are all in the grey, which is a good strategy. What's not a good strategy is their spawn locations, as they're all over the place:

    This makes me think they're probably not premade, or maybe only a part of the ally in ++ is. They already have 2 alliances and 2 NAPs, with ALIENS, DELTA, Hrvatska, ROYAL, which is IMO a bit excessive but might be a good idea considering how hard it will be to defend their spawns locations. I like their cropper positioning though, they've a very strong presence in the grey which will probably mean a very interesting server for them.

    5. ALIENS@

    5 such croppers, 1 with an oasis. They're the other strong ally in ++, but there probably won't be a fight for supremacy as DELTA and ALIENS@ are allied. ALIENS are a very very strong team from speeds, the strongest I know of from balkans region, but this is not the same ally. It says in their profile that they're gathering a new team, so I assume it's just someone from ALIENS who started this alliance, and they're obviously not premade. Their gettermap:

    Looking good in general, with an OK selection and development of croppers.

    4. V

    3 such croppers, all three with oasis. They're all based in -+, this is their gettermap:

    I think they aren't premade, at least their large number of members with not great average population suggests so. IMO the pop ranking overrates them a bit, because there is 59 of them, and they don't have great croppers considering all else. I think how strong they will be depends a lot on how good the leadership is, these kinds of allys do have power in numbers, and IMO leaders are very important in organizing the not-so-active masses to cooperate well.

    3. CN™

    17 such croppers, 4 have 1 oasis, and 2 have 2 oases. A mostly non-premade team, with some players who play together on balkan6. Based on -+, with a very good selection of croppers compared to everyone else mentioned so far. This is the gettermap:

    A good average population, almost the full 60 players, good croppers and mostly close together. In my biased opinion those clearly put CN in the top two allies in the server by strength. Also allied with Neznani, who are coming up later.

    2. O F a H

    5 such croppers, none with an oasis. Considering their location, or lack thereof, I don't think they're premade. They've picked up a lot of strong players from all over the server, kind of like BULGARIA except they don't seem to be limited by nationality. Here is the gettermap link, because I can only paste 5 attachments apparently:

    Another alliance that IMO will live or die by how good their leadership is, compared to V they have the advantage of stronger players by population, but a huge disadvantage of being spread out, and they haven't done much to fix that by settling together as far as I can see from a first glance. At least they're mostly all in the south, and are probably the strongest ally in the center part of +-. Might want to consider moving the -- part of the ally there if it's not too inconvenient, there is still a lot of 75%+ crops open in that area.

    1. Neznani

    22 croppers, 12 with 1 oasis. A premade team with some impressive achievements in their profile. They are clearly experienced, have a fantastic selection and development of croppers, almost a full ally of players, a good location and a website that has some nice picnic pics, but no old reports X(. They are based in --:

    They have some (HUNTERS™), but not too much competition in their quad. In a generally pretty weak server considering the premade teams, they stand out a lot, and look like the favourite.

    So that's it from me. Everyone, get in here :).

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  • Ako ko nije bjezo nisam ja vala :P

    Jedina ekipa koja je ostala da igra...

    Ako ko nije bjezo nisam ja vala :P

    Jedina ekipa koja je ostala da igra...

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