⭐ NEW ⭐ - Upcoming features

  • Dear players,

    the upcoming changelog contains quite a number of new features and adjustments that were implemented into the game by request from the community, Legends on Tour participants and Community Ambassadors.


    • Morale bonus has been removed from villages that hold an artefact.
    • The artefact pickup limit was removed and the hero can now pickup artefacts without restrictions. The limitation that player can have only 3 active artifacts out of which only one can have account-scope effect hasn't been changed.

    Trade routes:

    • Following Ambassador and Community Request we have added a "Delete all trade routes" button with which players can delete all trade routes at once.


    Player profile:

    • Player profile has been updated with additional information related to statistics, buttons to add notes and write messages as a follow-up of Legends on Tour workshops.
    • Report player feature has been added to player profile. You can find more information in the second post.


    Other changes:

    • Changing capital village will not be possible if there is an incoming attack (not raid) on your old or new capital village within 1 hour.
    • The shape of the wall in the building area has been adapted to achieve more space to existing buildings.

    Codex Victoria:

    • Players can choose where to apply hero inventory resources regardless of hero home village.

    The rollout plan and exact dates will be posted in changelog section soon.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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  • Report player feature

    With this post we would like to explain in detail how report feature would work.

    At the beginning of September the Rule Enforcement Team (RET) took over world wide the following topics: multihunting, handling your reports, and sanctioning the accounts that breaks the rules. This feature will be implemented this week on Closed Beta and PTR and released in the next weeks on all gameworlds.

    In order to ease the process and to make it easier also for you to report players, we are introducing a new feature in the User Profile overview called “Report player”


    Once you click on the button, it will open a pop-up where you can select the reason why you are reporting the player and add a note. In the note you should write what you have noticed and describe what you want the RET team to check.


    You can report a maximum of one case per day. You can however add a comment to your report to explain what happened or add additional accounts that you believe are related to this player’s infraction.

    Click the “Report” button when you are ready to send the information to the RET team. They will receive your report directly. They will investigate the player accounts thoroughly and take the appropriate measures without the need to create a customer service ticket.


    If you do not have any reports left, the button will be grayed out and a pop-up message will appear to let you know that you do not have a report left.

    Please be aware that you won’t receive a message with the result of the investigation as these are covered by privacy, but don’t worry, the RET team will carefully check all your report.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • 🗘 UPDATE 🗘- Change capital restrictions

    Dear players,

    recently we published a changelog related to an upcoming update which contains various new features, one of which received a number of negative comments.

    • Changing the capital village will not be possible if there is an incoming attack (not raid) on your old or new capital village within 1 hour.

    This change was planned to be implemented to avoid some specific situation in which it may happen that the village gets conquered despite becoming a capital shortly before the attack.

    Thanks to your feedback and some ideas which have been proposed our DEVs could productively brainstorm and found an alternative solution to the issue. We will proceed as follow:

    • Soon we will remove the feature from PTR and Closed Beta where it's already implemented and we stop the rollout of this specific feature on the other gameworlds.
    • Our DEVs team will work on the different technical solution which was found yesterday, but as it is a quite complex change and needs to have a whole new system developed its implementation will take from 3 to 4 weeks. During this time there is still the possibility that the situation mentioned above could happen.
    • Once the new technical solution is implemented the only drawback is that in very rare cases a player may have 2 capitals at the same time for several seconds. We do not expect any other impact on the gameplay.

    We want to thank you once again for your feedback and ideas that helped us further develop the game. We really appreciate that.

    Your Travian: Legends Team