New patch: artefact changes

  • To not dilute the discussion about cap change (which is a bigger issue than this), I'll make a separate thread for the artefact change, more specifically:

    The artefact pickup limit was removed and the hero can now pickup artefacts without restrictions. The limitation that player can have only 3 active artifacts out of which only one can have account-scope effect hasn't been changed.

    I assume this is once again done as a reaction to a bug on com1? Like the cap change.

    However, it also significantly impacts gameplay. On the defense side, artefacts will now be way easier to move around, and more importantly, way easier to put under either LE or UE. Before, you needed a proper setup to allow LE/UE holders to chief large/uniques to eye check incomings... And you could only put two small artefacts under a single eagle eye artefact without chiefing, again making it harder to eye check everything.

    Also, it affects the off side too - a common tactic is for large/unique arte holders (commonly boots) to attack large/unique artes, and then have a teammate move their large arte just before landing. This aspect is in part removed, making both off and def less interesting (it took timing and teamwork to move out the artefact for the attacker, and it was a mindgame with the defending side on whether the arte would be swapped). Of course the tactic still applies if the attackers keep the large/unique artefact in the hammer village used for the attack, but still.. An off player could keep unique boots in his cap or a random village, and pick up even large artefacts freely with his hammers at the same time, while before, it was a necessity to move the large/unique.

    On a more general note, I find it absolutely preposterous to claim that these two changes (artefact change and cap-swapping change) are requested features by the community/ambassadors, when they are in reality not features, but a poor work-around for two bugs in place of actually fixing the bugs. The cap change is especially not thought out in any way.

  • This change is basically just taking one of the more complex things about travian and making it easier, which there is actually no reason to at all, previously there was very few people that "mastered" rotating artefacts, chiefing LE/UE etc.

  • yet another insane change,

    can you please stop making this stupid decisions without consulting real players?

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  • Hello all,

    I talked to HQ and want to give further explanation about artifacts.

    After artifacts were implemented it’s always been possible to have more than 3 artifacts on one account, they just needed to be moved there together with the village. Actually, when artifacts were first introduced players questioned that restriction, then got used to that. With time players developed strategies, including (but not limited to) placing artifacts to secured position deep in their territory and rotating them between players, or conquering artifacts that are under attack by account with active large Eagle eyes.

    Additionally, it’s always been possible to move artifacts unlimited within your own account with the hero.

    Some players believed this whole feature to be unnecessary complex, especially on low populated servers, and we did receive requests to change it. And yes, at the same time this has also been our reaction to COM1 situation.

    We understand pros and cons of that change, one of which is necessity to adjust existing strategies and defense coordination, but we would like to give it a try. As we already proved, if this change doesn’t get support of the community with time, we can get back to reconsidering that decision.


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  • Ridder Huma

    Consider there are servers which are still heavily populated like tournament qualification and finals.

    Making this change makes it possible to take any artifact under protection of large eyes/confusion. As where it never was able to do this with artifacts that were stored in cap villages as they could not be chiefed. Now you make it possible to simply pickup those as well.

    So, your arguement to just make it easier is partially true. By changing this you make it able to take them from caps as well as chiefing is no longer needed when you have 1 artifact with large scope on the account.

    Another decision/change not well thought of and blindly adapted from players who suggest it and not all players playing the game




    We want to make sure Travian: Legends fits into our players’ time schedules. We want to make it

    easier to optimize the game, without giving the “one button to play it all”.
    General Statement

    Travian: Legends requires skills such as gathering intel, coordinating between players, decision

    making, planning and execution of these plans. When adding features for players’ convenience, we

    will make sure that those skills won’t be lost in the game.


    If this could be made expection: it is not possible to pickup artifact from a cap village when player already owns a large artifact or fool on account effect!

    chiefing an exchange village or picking up to new treasury 20 is not a big change, only that chiefing exchange village is the less expensive option.

    But maybe other players have other opinions?

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  • one of which is necessity to adjust existing strategies and defense coordination, but we would like to give it a try.

    No, it has nothing to do with adjusting existing strategies. It's throwing many existing strategies completely away, making for a dumbed down, less interesting game.

    That some 30 player alliance on a dead server want to chocke the chicken over having 70% of the artefacts on the server, and can't be bothered to move artefacts around by chiefing is not a good reason to reduce the need for team coordination and game knowledge.