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    Did you learn about the upcoming features yet? Have a look here:

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    By the way, is there someone who would like to help translating the feature news? DK, NO and SE translations needed, so give me a poke or DM if you would like to help with this and future translations :)

  • "Changing capital village will not be possible if there is an incoming attack on your old or new capital village within 1 hour"

    This makes no sense. This means that changing capital to protect a hammer is essentially impossible, as the enemy will just spam 1 phalanx to make it so you can't change. Changing capital hurts but is a legitimate strategy and adds depth to the game for both defenders and attackers, both in how to defend and both how and when to attack.

    "Morale bonus has been removed from villages that hold an artefact."

    I don't understand this either. Sure morale bonus in general is cheesy and kind of lame, it's not an intuitive addition to the game and i would understand if it was removed outright. But as long as it exists, it makes it a viable strategy to make (a) a small pop attacker account and (b) a small pop WW holder or plan/artifact holder account. Making such accounts that are individually weaker as a part of a larger alliance strategy is a good thing. Alliance cooperation is more fun if the game has different viable account builds that can be good if utilized by an alliance.

    So i don't see why you would remove only the (b) small pop WW or artifact/plan holder accounts. What is it about artifacts specifically that makes the morale bonus worse than it is in general. If you want to have a morale bonus atleast let people make use of it in strategies, that's like the only fun part of it.

    "The artefact pickup limit was removed and the hero can now pickup artefacts without restrictions. The limitation that player can have only 3 active artifacts out of which only one can have account-scope effect hasn't been changed"

    This is fine QOL i guess. I thought no pickup was fun and made it a bit more difficult/required more planning to juggle artifacts, having to use chiefs. But i guess i understand why people would want this change.

  • Just to be very clear: literally no one requested the cap switch change, and the artefact movement change. The ambassadors were not told of it, nor asked for it, nor did any of the legends on tour people.

    Both are poor work-arounds for bugs that happened on the currently running com1 server. TG have said that they are unable (or at least unwilling to dedicate the resources necesarry) to fix the bug itself, so they came up with this "fix" without consulting any of the ambassadors or any players, semmingly completely unaware how gamebreaking especially the capital change is.

    What Vetle points out is far from the worst issue with this new "feature" (lets take note of the absurdity in trying to hide a crappy bug work-around as a "feature" by the way). If a player has not changed capital within beginner's protection, they can be completely blocked from ever switching cap away from their spawn village, for the entire round, at the cost of a single unit per hour (hell, if you just prevent the cap change for 50 days or so, that player will be completely screwed and won't have recovered until sometime in the late mid-game). Likewise, a player who has his cap 0d can be prevented from ever making that village his cap again, or even just changing his cap to another cropper if he is lucky enough to have one.

    Instead of repeating myself further, I will link to 9201836016d8c15f160bcb90777418a9 's thread on the capital change, and my own thread on the artefact pickup change:

    New Patch: Cap changing restrictions

    New patch: artefact changes

  • That is a very good point, wishmaster3 . I had only considered the effects for my normal play, i had not though of how absolutely gamebreaking denying a capital could be. What were the bugs on the current com1?

  • For the cap issue, a player had two non-cap villages under attack. He swapped capital to the first non-cap hammer, waited for the attacks to land there, and then swapped cap to the second non-cap hammer, 8-10 seconds after the attacks on his first village. Despite his first hammer being cap during the first attacks, it was still chiefed.

    For the artefact, an attacker was sending a real on unique trainer, but was also chiefing a large storage from his team 1 second after the UT hit. Despite the LS chiefing being 1 second later, they were unable to pick up the UT. Don't ask me why on earth they would cut it so close with the LS chiefing, seems very dumb... But obviously still a bug, when UT attack happened at something like 03:00:02 and the LS chiefs landed at 03:00:03 according to the game.

    I have not seen either bug happen ever before, nor have anyone I know, so both are very fringe cases (unless TG's updates have created issues that weren't there before).

    (TG for once did the right thing right after the events, as the non-cap village was restored, and UT manually moved to the attackers account, like it would have been).

  • Once again really stupid move from TG. These kind of changes are not gonna improve the gameplay or make the game more enjoyable. Sometimes I wonder if any of them have actually ever played this game.