Tournament square

  • Do Tournament square effect merchant speed? Artifact or Ancient Power have any effect on merchant? If no then how to increase my basic merchant speed?

  • You can’t increase your merchants speed, you can however make them carry more ress by building a Trade Office (Requirements: Lvl 20 Marketplace and Lvl 10 Stables)

    And if you are in an alliance, you can tell them to donate to the Commerce alliance bonus.

    You can find a lot of useful info about the game in the Travian Answers, some of it may not be fully up to date, but most of the information on there is correct.

  • You can’t increase your merchants speed

    That mean setting or capturing villages far from each other is actually harmful for the account? Currently I am playing in Codex Victoria and regions matter there, even next regions are hundreds fields away.

  • Codex works in a very different way than ordinary servers. Settling far will hurt your account, but will be good for overall alliance tactics. If you only settle villages for optimizing your own account in the birthday special servers, you will be of little value to your team. If your team is at least somewhat proper, they should be directing you to where to settle/chief ;)

  • And there's no prospect of them doing so at any point? Then I suggest looking out for yourself in the start, and see if they get their stuff together later on, or at least you will have a decent account to join another alliance later on. Alternatively, you can try to coordinate with other local members of your team and try to set up some goals with them.

  • I am intentionally forming new villages in regions where my team have 45%-49% control, so that they can gain more than 50%+ control, get victory points and activate ancient power.