Day 4: The Architect

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    Day 4: The Architect

    "Well, well, well, look who's here!" The bright light made Marcella squint to open her eyes and look at the architect in horror. "Hey, girl, I know you! You're the daughter of that village leader! What are you doing here?" The architect stared at her with astonishment. "I sometimes dig too deep into my work and forget about everything, but I couldn't have put my customer's daughter onto my cart!"

    Marcella panicked. She was obviously not ready to meet the architect that soon, but after the night she had spent hidden in his cart among all his tools, she lost her first battle to sleep and, of course, got caught. The architect looked puzzled.

    "Me…?" she desperately tried to find a good explanation and failed. In retrospect, her whole plan now seemed rather faulty.

    "Well, you obviously escaped home," the architect smiled and Marcella suddenly realized that he was really young. It was his awkward look and baggy clothes that made him look older. "How familiar. I once did the same. It was… an interesting adventure." He scratched his head as if even the memory of it made him feel uneasy.

    Marcella relaxed a bit. The architect didn't seem dangerous.

    "Yes… " she gasped. "I did…"

    He frowned.

    "I won't ask you for your reasons, but it's a dangerous world out here, way more dangerous than you could have imagined when you escaped. I need to get you back home, but I'm already late to my meeting. Damn!"

    When he said that, he looked exactly like her brother. She felt a tear come to her eye.

    "I can't go home," she said firmly. However, the architect rolled his eyes. She continued: "How much should I pay you to let me travel in your cart? Or… " She suddenly had an idea. "I saw how you resolved that argument between the old men. That means you like puzzles. My great grandfather was a master of tricky puzzles. How about we make a deal? If you don't solve this puzzle, you can let me stay in your cart!"

    Task: Try solving the puzzle. Each good represents different number.


    State your nickname and server played in this thread with your answer to the riddle. All post are disabled.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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