Day 5: The Darkest Secrets

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    Day 5: The Darkest Secrets

    Architect lied. Of course, he easily solved the fun puzzle the girl had given to him, but he had already made up his mind. He wouldn't let her get lost. She didn't tell him the whole story, only the part where she wanted to find her brother, but he had spent long enough in her home village to hear the rumors and he was definitely able to put two and two together. What's more, he really liked her. The great granddaughter of Mark Atilius! Who could have thought that she would live in this forgotten land? How was it even possible?

    Also, who doesn't have secrets? His own were truly bigger and scarier than anything this girl could possibly hide. Little did she know that his journey to the lands of Codex Victoria was not his free choice. Neither was his stay in her village. He had been ordered to. He was on a mission and this mission scared him. Despite his young age, he had seen lots of dark things in his life.

    And now he puzzled himself, could this even have been predicted? Could it be that the only reason he had to stay in that village for a while was because he had to find her and bring her to these lands?

    He had no answer to that question.

    "Marcella," he said, "we need to visit a… person." He coughed as if he had tried to cover something he almost unintentionally said. "He's in hospital right now, helping to heal the wounded. We need to talk and then I can help you find your brother if he's alive. We are really close. I already see his messenger. Do you agree?"

    Marcella nodded. The architect looked up and suddenly whistled. A hawk that had been flying in circles far above swiftly swooped down and perched on his shoulder. He gently touched his feathers, and the bird made a screeching sound.

    "Been long time, Nenet. Lead us to your master. By the way," he turned to Marcella, "I almost forgot. My real name is Edward."

    Task: Solve the war puzzle from Mark Atilius's book.

    One day, an evil ruler sent 100 imperians to raid a village where only ash wardens were stationed. He hoped to get information about the forces there. All the imperians died. However, that alone gave the ruler some information.

    What is the exact minimum number of ash wardens needed to render the raid completely unsuccessful? Both armies had no upgrades to the smithy, population didn't affect the results, and the village had no walls, residence or palace.

    State your nickname and server played in this thread with your answer to the riddle. All post are disabled.


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