What is your best strategy for your tribe?

  • As the title implies, whats your best strategy for the tribe you prefer.

    Is the strategy useful on only Legends or the birthdays scenarios or does it work for both scenarios?

    Is your strategy useful for new and veteran players?


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  • Every tribe :

    start 30 multis, and push the hell out of main account = instant profit.

  • Remember to call them 'Techs' though if anyone asks

    & remember to delete before day 150 beacuse you get outclassed 8)

  • I had 1 account mate and you had 31. That's not outclassed, that's outnumbered

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.:/


    2 building simultaneous

    Cavalry too strong

    you can start and updrage everything to 6 and then all building to research :rom05:

    if is an active account can get 20 before beginner protection ends with only production -> if you gonna raid and have production

    if want to settle fast, finish all production level 6

    got some cp building (cranny, embassy, market) and residence 10

    at the time protection ends you will get 3 :rom10:

    Or just being a try hard, finish missions, don't develops resources, start with :rom05:

    60-70 to raid, be a nightmare

    requires = experience, lot of time, no money only gold club and some for NPC (can earn gold from auction)

    dont waste resources

    dont waste troops

    be active


  • Every tribe :

    start 30 multis, and push the hell out of main account = instant profit.

    Do you thinkg thats fesaible?How do you manage that? Besides the know-how(feel free to PM me thanks, there is info I cant find in the internet ehhe, joke dont delete my comment neither ban me), it requires full time effort, and at the end if your ally dont hold you down you will get rekt by envious enemies.

    Back to business. I will soon start a new server and Ill love to read here different strategies. I like to to rush catapult with teutons to punish simmers, any other actual ideas?