Looking for dual for Codex Victoria. (Com15)

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a dual for my account on COM15 codex victoria.

    -ranked 1100s (I've been playing alone)


    -mixed bag of offense and defence.

    Requirements from the dual:

    - Should be from around gmt+0 (UK time, should be able to cover UK evenings) or gmt-5:30 timezones.

    - a bit of experience will do.

    - discord or skype is a must.

    - Don't have to be too serious about the account. (I'm only playing it casually)

    I used to play back in 2012, back then had played for years. Primary server was comx. But then I left and now after 7 years, I'm playing again. So it's not a full time game. I'd love to have a dual who can have fun and not be serious about records.

    My time zone is GMT+5:30. So a dual from another timezone would be really appreciated.