Quest list in codex victoria

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  • Hello all, I got a question for the players of codex victoria server.f I somebody was able to answer I would be really grateful.

    In the new server codex victoria, how should I reach the 500cp? Do I have to upgrade resources to level 8 before I get the quest in the side box? Thanks in advance

  • I suppose that it is too late to help you but, in case some new player come here, this is what you have to do on your second village (this is important, some players make the mistake to do it on the first village) :

    1. 1 ressource level 7
    2. All ressource level 7
    3. Main building level 5
    4. Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 1
    5. View Culture Points Tab

    At this point you have the quest "All Resource Fields lvl 8" and "Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 10". Do not try to do the fields level 8. Once you have the residence level 10 you can do the three last quest and get some ressources to launch one Small celebration in the Town Hall and get some PC again.

    You can find all the quests here :

    Travian: Codex Victoria

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