Restart of a normal speed server

  • Anyone know when com6 or another speed x1 is gonna restart?

    been waiting for a new x1 speed server to join for a bit over a month now but all they seem to start is speed and other special servers

  • According to the calendar, there is a new .com server starting October 2nd. But there are no additional details yet. The number of slow servers (1x) starting is limited when the birthday servers start. Or that is how it always appears to me.

  • There's currently no confirmed information on a x1 server start for .com - though it does say in the calendar that there will be an international gameworld start by October 2nd. But what the server exactly will be isn't confirmed.

    I think a x1 speed normal server will for sure be started in October though, even if it's not the one starting the 2nd.

    Com2 will likely be the one though, rather than com6, since they usually restart the lower numbers before the higher ones.