Multiple accounts question

  • I just have a quick question the ruleset does not properly address about multiple players from one IP address playing multiple accounts.

    Me and my brother want to play the game with two different accounts, now both of us want an account of our own to play with, NOT to just have one and feed their villages with the other.

    If we're playing from the same IP, but different devices (he has his own pc and phone and I have mine and we do not log in through other devices apart from when we make each other sitters) can we be banned for this? Technically speaking, we're not breaking any written rule, but our IP's match. Matter of fact, if I log in through a school/work network, if someone else I don't even know is playing, will that get me banned also? If I log in through a public cafe's wifi, how does the system differentiate the actual abusers from people like me who actually play the game with friends?

  • Hi,

    You have a good question, I am sure more players will benefit from it.

    I can't answer to you, how we differentiate, as it is a part of inside information and I signed Non Disclosure Agreement.

    But I can reiterate that you won't be banned for the situations that you described.

    If you read rules EN (taisyklės LT) carefully, you have seen, that it is even possible to use the same computer. It is allowed. I share my wi-fi network with another player for 8 years and never had a trouble here.

    What you need to keep in mind, that every player has to play to their account's full benefit. You can't share the password for your account with your brother. Please don't save the password in a computer, that you and brother are using together, either

    Also you can sit your brother's account, but don't make it a habit - if your brother lost interest in playing and he is logging in only once in a few weeks, just delete the account, don't overload yourself with additional work.

    That is it. Conform to those rules and you both will be fine.

    Furthermore I would like to remind you, that you have to play with a clean, not changed browser. No bots, no addons or any other program for Travian (no Grease Monkey).

    And don't enter your account name and password to any external website! If you did it in the past, please change the password. We had quite a few players in trouble, because those websites used their connection to the Travian server.


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  • Account made solely for the purpose of boosting main account played by other player. Usually used for parking troops or sending/letting main acc raid it.

  • Ok. I had to confirm the question with Rule Enforcement Team.

    Tech accounts are not allowed till the rules are not changed.

    Tech accounts only possible in PTR world (Public Test Realm) and Codex Victoria servers.

    Anouncement about changing the rule is here>>>

  • In fact, none of the moderators in the game follow the rules. You will just be locked in and told which one to delete. And if you do not choose which one to delete, they will delete themselves, they will not even try to understand whether it is true. They have their systems of definition. Absolutely secret and inaccessible for explanation. It's their territory, they do whatever they want, you can play it or not.

    My work colleague quit the game because of such permanent deletions are groundless. (Maybe there are some unknown reasons to me, moderators are more visible, they know everything).

    If you are forced to play with someone on the same computer or the internal network, it is better not to play or spoil your mood.

  • I am sorry to hear about your colleague's experience. I don't know what happened then. Was it deletion by mistake or not.

    But I hope any misunderstandings are in the past.

    The good news, that we don't have local volunteers MH anymore. Partly because we want to avoid biased decisions, partly because we need well trained workers.
    Now all detection of multi acc, bots, addons... are done by Rules Enforcement Team (RET). More you can read about them here>>>

    It is centralized department, they don't communicate to players directly. They monitor servers and if they see something wrong or get a report from other players, they react accordingly. The punishments in all servers around the world are the same now.

    RET are still humans so mistakes can happen. That's why if you don't agree with the ban and/or punishment, you can contact the support for appellation. Support will appeal for you with the RET and another member of RET will look through your case.

    All is done to make players get the best game experience.