suggestion : Remove Villages From Farm List When they turn into natar

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  • Hello to everybody here at travian forum .

    my name is rasam and i`m a raider in the game . i came back playing in .com after my server IR (IRAN SERVERS ) shut down .

    there has been some problems with raiding such as spiking that was dealt with in the new version but i have a another problem with raiding and i`m loosing so much troops to it .

    i dont believe in raiding natars because its not worth it really at some point and i only add villages to my farm list , the annoying part is when the villages turn into natar all of the sudden and they build troops and lose troops .

    if they were a system that when villages turn into natar they be deactivated or moved to another farmlist automaticly , it would be great for me and other raiders or something like that .

    please tell me what you thing and made travian operators see this message

    thank you all .

    you can my account right now on ts3 : bestbazikon