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  • I was just stating out an opinion, thc players prolly spent 25% of gold that Web or Bedlam used. So i was not crying about gold. For all i see you are always the one crying MindFreak, maybe it is because you never have sex and vent out your frustration on this forum. Go get laid dude, and shut the hell up.

  • 4 team were pretending for the victory since the beginning: thc, web, bedlam and heathens. bedlam has defeated only heathens aka equal partner congrats

    finita la commedia

    Second place is the first loser :) You beat us to that glorious title, congratulations :) Tarantul (Паук)_RU is right about one thing - Bedlam had small chance to win when you finally broke NAP with THC and, as small as it was, we played for it till it was feasible and I see nothing wrong with it.

    Jiio it is not that simple, there also Ammon on which you gave up, Gibra which you did not finish and some more THC regions about which you could do nothing because you concentrated on EA. Your choice.

    All in all, most of our team have won enough to be concern about lost server, even though win would be nice :) For me successful server is the server after which people want to come back to play with the same team under same leadership. Something tells me Bedlam is solo winner in that category.

    xBasher_COM, if server was longer THC and Web NAP would last longer probably or something else. Server has not been completely decided even a couple weeks ago. If Web and Bedlam somehow managed to work together, the winner would be in pieces by now, competition till the last hour is rare chance anywhere. I don't think there are many people dreaming about longer server, even though it looks like "just give us another week or two".

  • lol anyone else notice kazah's keyboard only seemed to function when web were having good moments? then total silence when things don't go according to his master plan :p

    curious to know what web's feelings towards to his attitude were....and if they will ask him to shut it next server so they don't end up in the same situation?

    The artist formerly known as Disney Princess

    Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find...

    The Three Amigos!

  • We were third, we won bronze medal. This aint that bad is it? I like medals, we can all enjoy them together now. Mindfreak and Kazah can s each others d and enjoy the silver while we can enjoy the bronze. Hurray!

  • For me successful server is the server after which people want to come back to play with the same team under same leadership. Something tells me Bedlam is solo winner in that category.

    Couldn't agree more.

    Interesting and enjoyable server all round.

    Well done Aurora & THC. The most unlikely of wins. Savour it.

    Until next time Possums.


    aka CrocodileHundee

    aka Monkey Nuts

  • lol this is the best the forum has been all server. Must say, even getting third we (disney princess) had the most fun we've had in travian in a long time.

    Looking forward to taking a little break then diving back in with the friends we made from Bedlam! its funny because we joined the Beta after playing with TEN on another server, our goal of the beta was just to meet some cool people to play with, and it couldnt have worked out better!

    turned out that I had played with some of the Bedlam people from way back in the MDS/TM days in like 2008-2010, and even some players (one of the guys on Beerhunters in particular) were our former enemies when we were in TEN just last year (kicked our asses as well). And I gotta add....except for that whole brief ghostrider thing, it was a drama free server all things considered. That is a very rare acheivement for any ally.

    Leadership did a great job, the whole team fought long past the time most would have quit, what more can you ask for? (well...a win? lol)

    Sprinkle in some worthy opponents and a little bit of (russian) salt, and you have all the makings of a fun server.

    The artist formerly known as Disney Princess

    Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find...

    The Three Amigos!

  • We were third, we won bronze medal. This aint that bad is it? I like medals, we can all enjoy them together now. Mindfreak and Kazah can s each others d and enjoy the silver while we can enjoy the bronze. Hurray!

    I have big, big doubts that Mindfreak is a Web player. During whole round in Web's chat rooms I didn't noticed anyone, who could be him. Also there were no mentions about him or his ingame account. So far, I have counted him as a forum troll, who, for some reasons, doesn't like Bedlam, but that doesn't make him automatically a Web player.

  • Really looking forward to getting normal sleep after an intense server. Congratulations to THC, and thanks to Web for making it a competitive server till the end (a very rare occurrence in this game).

    Personally I enjoyed the server, though my account wasn't anything to brag about. I did what I could, and am happy with the results.


    Polar Bear

  • I must insist that Basta stands on the same position as THC and shares the victory. Has been the alliance that had THC's back the entire server.

    Bedlam/TM was and will always be a formidable, strong, fair play and sportsmanship alliance.

    Web an absolute nuke in terms of strength but at cost of other required qualities...

    Ragnar Lothbrok - a phenomenal account

  • I enjoyed the competitiveness of this server as well. It was much more competitive than the previous (like 5?!?) RU servers. So for the most part, our expectations for going into a different domain, were fulfilled. While we are not completely content with the results, we're not necessarily discontent either. There must always be villains in the story, otherwise there would be no story at all, our rates reflect our achievements. Even if it's more so that we were made into villains, because of how things on the forums went.

    Once again people, dont judge us all based on your attitude towards one person.

    And to clear some questions.

    1) Mindfreak is not a Web player. In fact, we dont know who he is. It so happened that he didnt like Heathens and Bedlam, which aligned with our interests at the time.

    2) No, we are not salty or mad for not winning, even if we had an opportunity. Considering how many servers there are behind our shoulders over the years, while we do care about being absolute winners, we care about that a lot less than our performance as a team. And this time we had a loooot of new members. This server reflected clearly, what we need to improve internally and provided valuable insight as to how we are going to approach some of the internal matters, in the future.

    3) To people who think that we didnt defeat anyone. That is simply not true.

    We wiped Heathens off our regions almost entirely, you dont need to have 200IQ to realize that we were not going to chase them all the way to England after they fled there.

    We took several regions from Bedlam, while not letting Bedlam take any from us or take the ones we took back (up until a couple of weeks ago though). We also caught and walled most of Bedlams hammers at the time and after. Catae'd lots of villages in Emerita and Olisipo and some other regions. It is clear what would happen later if we didnt have to shift our attention off of Bedlam.

    Theres no need to even talk about how we massacred THC. THC fell in a matter of a week. We took lots and lots of villages from them and catae'd some capitals and took regions. THC were even weaker than Heathens, despite having a ton more troops.

    So yeah, that statement is ridiculous. Or does "defeating" someone means cata'ing every village to the ground to you? If so, then our views differ, which means your statement is just an opinion.

    4) Yes, lots of us also do not agree with how Kazah initiates conversations. As it affects our image as a team. But it is even more amusing how easily some people are offended and start to show their true colors. We are good people, and Kazah is also a good person. But we dont need to prove that to anyone.

    Overall, GG to everyone. This server was packed with action!

    Небо мне не предел..

  • Ooof, had to hurt for me I guess? Well sadly it didn't, just proved once again that most hardcore forumers are more toxic than others, guess Travian sees their behaviour appropriate once again. Eh, there is good saying:

    Source Code
    Не трогай Говно, оно и не запахнет

    Cannot handle challenge neither in game, neither in forums... Lost round, lost sober mind, poor people. And to all the 'wishes', I would recommend you to check yourself first instead of 'wishing' such things, but eh once again, since majority of comments come from Bedlam and Heathen people that's expected.

    And yeah I have no relations to Web, I just hate those 'egocentric' 'huge ego' alliances that consider themselves as biggest playas of this game, but I enjoy to see them cry all over this thread how:

    - Web unlocked region, but Bedlam hasn't used any of the mults to get best Egyptian capitals;

    - How Web merged troops over and over again, while Bedlam and Heathens TOTALLY haven't done that;

    - How WEB and THC NAP was so devastating to sim citters of Bedlam that they've done nothing besides fighting individual players that literally couldn't defend themselves;

    - In the end to be happy about Web not winning, when they hardly got into TOP5, would be hilarious if they were left outside it, lucky they that most of people deleted themselves before the round end;

    And once again, I'm commenting, you can consider me troll, when you all are 'trolls' that get triggered by a comment, not my problem that you like bunch of girls or feminist type of people (to imagine yourself easier) that get triggered by a single word and they all go nuts lol... If you cannot controll yourself over internet, I'm curious to see how 'calm' you are in REAL LIFE, if you have it.

    TL;DR GZ Web, they achieved their goal, had fun, while Bedlam cried all the liquids they had in their bodies in forums.

    I hope Bedlam will try to take revenge in Codex 2x, since Web or THC most likely won't be playing there and maybe I might get my team to play there, if they won't get bored by 5x. Ohh nvm, 2x is twice as fast compared to 1x, probly they won't play, it's too fast for them. :shrug:

    Oh and to sum up Bedlams 'demagogy', just change 'country' to 'forums':


  • I am only aware of one group whose exploitation was so egregious and over the top that it actually compelled the developers to re-write the Game Code so that it can never be done again.

    That's the definition of a game-breaking exploit. All of the other farm account / tech account uses on the server were 100% legitimate based on the revoked Rule 1.1 which was well known long before the server even began.

    I'm all about exploring distant reaches of a game to gain the upper hand, but you have to recognize that you've gone too far when the Devs decide to re-write the code to prevent your exploit from working in the future.

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  • This server was awesome, it had lots of excitement. Web was a strong enemy, with some good skilled players. THC played it super smart, they knew they werent the strongest alliance, yet they managed to stay out of the line of fire for a long time, giving them a deserved victory. Maybe our alliance (bedlam) made some mistakes, but cant blame anyone, we were all giving it our best. It was an honor playing together with many skilled attackers and deffers. We might have lost this server, but damn it was fun. Yourstruly a Beerhunter