Alliance invite

  • With this forum activity, i suggest you look ingame for an alliance.

    If you find one you like, write them politely telling who you are, what you like aboout game, your experience and what you can add to them.

    Messages like: Can I join? will mostly be dumped to trashcan

    I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


    Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2) and many more not listed.

    Valhalla, Carpe Diem (t3 .com classics), CS! 2017 finals (Croatia)

    CUP 2018 finals, X3 2019 finals (Russia)

    ~ The special one... ~