COM2 Dual required

  • Looking for a dual for the upcoming com2 account, preferably not UK time zone but all are welcome if they will bring something to the account, account will be played with gold and tribe will be roman.

    Discord The Flanders#5262

  • Hi. I can join.

    Have been playing for 10 years.

    Experienced with Roman.

    I am non gold buying.

    Good in both offense and defense.

    Especially timing reals & fakes. And cutting waves.

  • Are you still looking? I'm looking to dual an account. I used to play a while ago and left through college. My accounts were usually named capfan and we were frequently among the top offensive accounts (a lot of credit to my duals) and clan leadership then.

    Don't know how much time I can commit to but should be able to contribute if we're all buying gold.