Different ways to start a round

  • Hello hello,

    What if you got to decide the starting settings of a round? What would make it more interesting, fun, challenging - for you and for your alliance?

    We have the normal rounds where everyone starts from zero, advanced start of Travian: Codex Victoria, and we've had boosted starts in the past (all resource fields start at lvl. 10 for example). Any ideas you would like to revisit some day? Or do you have new start ideas you would like to try out?


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  • Usually I start with around 5000 gold for first few days, it gives you enough AH stuff to actually be competent in this p2w game. Lots of traps, lots of bandages, lots of books, maybe few buckets. Build order is simple, its all about $$$

    So, maybe... open the AH after 1 week on speed servers, 3 weeks on slow servers. Would make it much more skill based. Sure it wouldnt pay TG BMW loans, but it would be superior for players.