Ultimate Battle - 9: Five villages

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    What could be better during long and rainy autumn evenings than to sit somewhere near the fireplace with a hot beverage and some cookies, listening to the drumming of rain on the roof, watching the leaves fall from the trees and reading ancient scrolls about past deeds of long dead heroes...

    In short, what could be better than exactly the opposite of what I'm doing right now?

    With the autumn, many lands came into motion. New confederacies were being forged all over the place, the wittiest diplomats had already defined their tactics, and the first spies found their places in enemy alliances, waiting for the start of the Ultimate battle. Six lands, where the Egyptians and Huns had joined the war for the Natar legacy, started constructing the first tribal Wonders of the World level by level. They followed Natar plans but gave the wonders their own distinctive look to honor their ancestors.

    For the first time ever, most Wonders of the World in those lands belonged to the Egyptians. They seemed to be the most obvious choice due to their wall defenses, even though the Teutons may have objected.

    Now, after two weeks of endless battles, the highest wonder level among those six lands belonged to the mighty Ronald Kray from ~ GS ~. But everything changes so fast nowadays that no one can predict how long their leadership will be sustained. Maybe at this exact moment, a huge army is already heading to that Wonder of the World? Which land would fight most fiercely for their wonders? Who would win the race in each land? I was sent to find answers to these questions.

    If I had received this task some other time, I would have been the happiest person in the world. Right now, however, this led me in the opposite direction from the lands where I hoped to be – Codex Victoria! My sister Marcella was there and she needed my help more than ever before. I tried not to think how cruel the outside world could be to the pretty, young woman traveling alone. She could be dead already… That's what scared me. At the same time, being in the very heart of the action was interesting.

    The officers and commanders were now gathered together, trying to deal with attacks headed towards five supply villages from multiple enemies at once. Given the constant attacks on the Wonder of the World itself, it was only possible to defend one of the five villages.

    The attacks launched on the villages were as follows:

    Village A: A Hun who lives 50 tiles away sent attacks 8 hours 45 minutes ago.

    Village B: A Roman who lives 100 tiles away sent attacks 10 hours ago.

    Village C: A Teuton who lives 130 tiles away and has an active large boots artifact sent attacks 12 hours 30 minutes ago.

    Village D: A Gaul who lives 150 tiles away and has an active small boots artifact sent attacks 7 hours 55 minutes ago.

    Village E: An Egyptian who lives 200 tiles away sent attacks 18 hours 20 minutes ago.

    Task: Which village should they defend? (Note: Troop speed 1x. The only real attack is the one with catapults. To solve this task, you can use kirilloid distance and travel time calculator. Can't solve the task? Make a guess!).

    You answer by replying to this thread. The answers will be invisible until the moderators approve them after the contest is ended.

    Don't forget to state your nickname and server played in the answer.

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