Chiefing Preparation

  • Hello, thanks to the response to

    I've been doing some research and calculations since then, and I've come to a list of things to do in the future, but I wanted to check with the community just in case.

    My current situation is

    Spawn -> Army1 -> Feeder1 -> Feeder2 -> Feeder 3 -> Army2

    Res 10 Pal 10 Res 10 Res 10 Res 10 Nothing

    Academy 10 Nothing

    In this case if I understand the things I have to do is

    1. Free up slot in Army 1

    1) In Feeder 2(or any other feeder), Res 10 -> Res 20, Academy ->20, Research & train ONE chieftain

    2) Use the chieftain to conquer viillage Army 1 -> This will fill the expansion slot in Feeder 2

    2. Train 3 chieftains in Army 1

    1) Pal 10 -> 20, Academy 10 -> 20,

    2) research and train 3 chieftains

    3. Build chiefing infra in Army 2

    1) Res 0->10, Academy 0->20

    2) Research and train 1 chieftain

    4. Chief Feeder 4.

    5. For future chiefs, build Res 10, Academy 20 and train 1 chieftain in the newvillage, and conquer with the 3 in Army 1 + 1 in thenew village.

    6. If you want more chieftains, Res 10-> 20 in other villages and 1 additional chieftain to aid the conquer

    Is this a correct calculation? I'm wondering because building a chieftain infra in each new village alone is quite time exhaustive.

    7hours for residence 0->10, 39 hours for academy 0->20, 1 day for a chieftain, 36 hours for warehouses and granaries each, and because this assumes a lv 20 MB another 3 days for that.

    So it will take 9 days only for building an infrastructure for each new village to be able to build a single chieftain conquer a new village...

    That seems too long!

  • Keep in mind that chiefing your own village will remove all troops from the village (in case you have already trained troops in your first hammer).

    The best is to have 3 chiefs in at least two villages - though of course it's expensive. Next best is to have 3 + 2. Typically, off players will get 3 chiefs in their hammer village, and 3 chiefs in their capital, or in a secondary hammer village. To achieve this, you'd have to build a palace to 20 in the primary hammer, train the 3 chiefs, and then do the same in cap for example. Of course, the important part is to then make sure not to chief villages with the primary hammer, as you'd have to rebuild the palace there to get 3 chiefs again.

    So, you'd hit with the hammer and 3 chiefs first, then the 3 chiefs from cap or wherever -> re-chief the chiefed village from a random feeder -> train the last chief in capital again. This way, you'll always have 3+3 chiefs.

    Going for 3+2(+2) chiefs is perfectly fine too though, though there's more room for error. But this can be done multiple ways - with 3 chiefs in your hammer, or 3 chiefs in your capital and only 2 in hammer. Tbh, you can make it work with 2+2+2 chiefs too, but again, more room for error, and more room for the defender to counter the chiefing.