• Tbh, only reason why i started playing travian after 10 year break was new races (egyptian and huns)

    What about adding more races?



    No crop consumption

    Hero is able to rise 10% of dead

    Skeleton, zombie, mummy, ghost, lich, bone toss and bone ram


    Weak units (need to mass train - thats reason for no consumption)

    What do you think guys? :)

  • Could just play heroes 3 and you already have most of these pros and cons. :P

    You should be able to buy Cloak of the undeadking for 2000 gold too, so you revive 40% of your lost troops as your horse units.
    great idea i rate 10/10

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  • The Undead dosn't fit with the game's theme, so I am sorry for shooting down your idea for a new tribe.


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  • Ridder Huma So what you're saying is, that my old suggestion wouldn't work as well? :(

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