End of the server!

  • Greetings friends and foes alike!

    Today marks the 260th and last day of the server: Anglosphere 7.

    After the past three victories we started the round arrogant, boasting and lazy.

    The speed at which Three-eyedRaven settled his second village, and how quickly the rest of the alliance followed, set the bar for success high.

    But as all servers should be, it was soon balanced when war ignited between Dei-Sw and GoT.

    When things looked to be going from bad to worse, Bronn stepped in and sacrificed his hammer to save Amer.

    Syrio Forel stepped up to coordinate our efforts during the artefact release. And the Def Coordination Team stepped up for our day-to-day leadership! Not long after we had the honor to welcome SWR players into our ranks.

    Things were looking up.

    Then Dei and WW teamed up, and with it our perspective on winning the war went down.

    Shortly after, OBV seemingly joined in with a show of force against Stannis.

    Only the quick response from a select group of dedicated defenders proved that we have what it takes.

    Contrary to what many say, the server is not won by the biggest hammers, the strongest defenses, the most gold or skill.

    It's won by teamplayers. Team GoT & The Hood: it's won by you.

    If they tell the story of this server..

    Let them say we fought against Marshon, a great drunk but no less a great player!

    Let them say we fought against Salgexicon, whose analysis gave him no victory, but the love of his fellow players!

    Let them say we fought against Windir, who never had an army to be afraid of, but inspired fear into our hammers all the same!

    Let them say we fought together.

    Some of us will move on to the next server, and some of us will not. Players come and go like the winter wheat, but our memories will stay.

    Thank you WW & Dei and OBV for being our opponents this round! It was an honor to play with you all. I wish you succes in your future servers, or otherwise!

    Thank you, Anglosphere staff for hosting this round.

    Thank you and congratulations, team GoT & The Hood, for your dedication, resillience, skill and friendship.

    Kind regards,


    Walls will not hold the winter

    UK3 Round 10 - IGN Smith & Jones - HoF holder (III/IV): Gaul Hammer Records

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  • It's a damned good thing you didn't bother to go back and see how much of my analysis turned out to be correct ;)

    Current server: Zugzwang on Anglosphere 4. (For prior servers, see profile.)

    Looking at that account stats, either you don't know how to play, or you've decided to see how bad an account you can make..?