🛠️ We are on it! 🛠️ Issues with players accounts on multiple gameworlds

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  • Hello players,

    🛠️ We are working on it! 🛠️

    Some game accounts, artifacts and Natars have disappeared from different servers. We are very sorry for these issues and for the frustration caused, and are working on it.

    Will keep you updated as soon as there are more news. Thank you for your patience.

    Your Travian: Legends team

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  • Update:

    If your account disappeared and you had not set it for deletion already, please send the name of your account and the server you played on to Game Support or DM Samisu

  • 🔴 UPDATE 🔴

    The critical bug affecting many gameworlds has been assessed and we are currently evaluating the possible solutions to fix the issue.

    As the decision also involves the Legal department, it may take some time before we can give you a full list of gameworlds affected, as well as the solution that will be implemented.

    As many of you are already wondering about compensation, rest assured that we haven't forgotten the topic. It will be part of our internal discussion and organization.

    Thank you for your patience!

  • :red_circle: UPDATE :red_circle:

    Some of the affected gameworlds are now offline and we will proceed with a rollback. More information will come soon in a dedicated post on the forum.

  • :red_circle: UPDATE :red_circle:

    As you probably noticed, today we faced a critical bug. We are very sorry for all the issues this might have caused, and we sincerely apologize. This bug affected most of the Travian: Legends and Travian: Codex Victoria gameworlds. In these gameworlds, all Natars villages vanished, in addition to some player accounts.

    We have identified a first batch of gameworlds where we are forced to proceed with a rollback. :arrow_right: Here :arrow_left: you can find the first list, together with the date and time of the backup data which will be used to restore the gameworld.

    Unfortunately, we do not know yet at what time the gameworlds will be back online, but in the meantime we can already share some information:

    • The rollback means that the game will be returned to the state it was at the time of the backup.
    • This means that everything you did since then will not count, including any changes in resources, troops, building levels and gold, with the exception of purchased gold which will be added again.
    • All payments that happened between the backup date and the time when the gameworld went on maintenance mode will be re-booked.
    • Starvation will be deactivated for +12 hours as soon as the gameworld is back online.
    • All the troops that were "on the way" by the time of the backup will be returned backto their home villages.

    We will keep you posted and we will regularly update the affected gameworld list. Further compensation will be discussed once everything is back to normal.

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  • The list of affected gameworlds is now final. :arrow_right: These :arrow_left: gameworlds will get a rollback.

    The time and date on the spreadsheet is the latest back-ups before the technical issue occurred and after the rollback, the game world will be back at the status of that time.In case your gameworld is not listed but you faced issues with your account, feel free to get in contact with the Customer Service portal.

    The affected gameworlds will be live today 11th October 2019 after 14:00 GMT+2.

    You will find the time of update from the same file. We are starting with COM worlds at 14:00 GMT+2 and more will be added soon.

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  • Dear community,

    here is an update on how we will proceed today. The sysadmins are now delivering the backups to our developers and they will proceed to restore the databases in batches and restart the gameworlds.

    This will be done once again in batches, which means not all the 121 affected gameworlds will be back online at the same time. There is a quite long check list to go through for each of the affected gameworlds, so please be patient.

    We will update our public spreadsheet with some additional information as soon as we get them. To be more specific we will add the following information:

    • Date/time of the backup that will be used for the latest added gameworlds
    • Date/time of the restart for each gameworld
    • Date/time until when the "no-starvation" will be activated

    We also want to inform you that all active Plus and resources bonuses will be extended in your account, so you won't lose time for them.

    On top of that, we will grant 100 non-transferable Gold compensation to each account that was active on the affected gameworlds. This won't be done immediately, as now we are focusing on getting the gameworlds back online.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Your Travian: Legends Team

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  • :red_circle: UPDATE :red_circle:

    All Nordics game worlds expected to be back online 19:30 UTC+2

    No-starvation mode is active until 12.10.2019, 07:30 UTC+2

    The 100 Gold compensation will be booked after all game worlds are back online, globally.

    Thank you so much for your patience!

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