Buildings reduce level

  • I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed . . .


    Dirty! (nl1/de1), Violence (nl4), Avoid (nl7), Bazen (nl4), MUG (nl2, nl5, nl4), Cocktail (nl6), Prandur/Camorra (nl2), Vandalen (nl5), Borgia (nl2) and many more not listed.

    Valhalla, Carpe Diem (t3 .com classics), CS! 2017 finals (Croatia)

    CUP 2018 finals, X3 2019 finals (Russia)

    ~ The special one... ~

  • Well then this backup is not quite accurate. I've couple of ppl that will confirm that my eko was higher due to fact, that at around ~19pm i started to build hero mansion and my sitters were helping me to do it :) the next day i was almost finished with it, lvl 10 in one village and second around lvl 9 when the news about cirtical bug came out.

    Latający ze zwiadem.

  • i lost 60k troops!!!! they simply disappeared!!!!! the rollback on comx was to less than 24h before!!! nobody is answering my tickets!!! this is simply an HOAX and i will make sure this will be punished by law !!

  • nobody is answering my tickets!!

    Tickets are being answered as fast as they can be answered. But the number of tickets is very high right now. And sometimes information needs to be checked before a reply can be sent. Please be patient.