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  • Careers and employment at Travian Games GmbH

    Company information




    201 to 500


    from € 25 million to € 100 million

    generic information on the company put just by travian in internet, now I wonder, with this turnover it is not possible to hold a forum that costs a few hundred euros for the community that wants it? It seems to me a fair question :)

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  • Where can I read the announcement about the forum?

    Edit: Ah I see it’s on the blog

    There goes my october 2005 forum account I guess... omg

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  • WWF

    I'm an old player of travian. I play from march 2007 for 14 years already this game with 2 breaks of 2 years and 3 years. Due to this breaks I only got my 10 years veteran last month. Every time I returned to the game I looked the forum for informations about the game and his updates. I post rarely in the forum, but whenever I have time I'm always looking for guides, for battle reports and players opinion about the game and how to improve the game. All the informations and statistics and travian history is here. There are already a lot of things lost due to changing from the old travian forum to this forum. Don't distroy this forum also.

    I'm not using Discord and I don't want to be forced to use a platform or an app. Doing something by force is not something I like. I already was about to take another break this winter due to influence made by the presence of multiaccounts and techs on the anniversary international server. I only remained in travian due to my colleagues I found since my return to the game 4 years ago. If something will make me take another break from this game it will be the end between travian and me. I will never return to this game which for me is no longer a real strategy game..all that counts now is who is investing more no longer the fun from the past.

    And the dissapearance of nationals servers is also affecting already the travian comunity since not all players know the most comun language, english. And the online translators don't always translate in the propper manner players messages from another language.

    Is not the first time when is taken a decision before talking with the vast majority of the players.

  • ngl, wasn't expecting this topic to become "bring back our forums", was just pointing out the stupidity TG is doing and that they don't give a dam about players, they just care about money, as someone pointed out they have lots of them.

    And that TG staff defending every stupid actiong company does was also expected, tho the way they write just proves that they are in some kind of "imaginary world" where there are no problems, game is going just fine and all the actions TG does just improves the game further... which makes sense only for them, for me they are playing some kind of private server or something, which isn't the game I've played f.e. a month ago. Or that they do "care about feedback community gives" oh please, you don't give a single F about it, new system made this game even more P2W, any changes from 7 day servers? No... not reading, not caring and then wondering why people dislike this game so much..

    Another fun thing is, the "moderator" (using this word liberaly) who previously was mentioned many times, somehow no longer has its status, weird, I thought such worthy, adequate and hard working people is the core of it, tho I doubt he was removed for the stupidity and biased actions, most likely "left", but then how many others are remaining like he huh? Who are literally getting with their buddies acting as they are working, but then biased subjective moderation at its finest and noone gives a dam.

    And by saying that you can ban people in forums here has no meaning for me, since you sooner or later go against people who, according to you are useless or toxic etc. I understand I'm vocal minority who somehow liked game before and enjoyed every round I've played, but now hates this game with passion for what kind of hot pile of garbage it became.

    So yeah, get rid of forums, gather all the "active players" who are still believing in this dead game to the Discord and have fun there, I imagine how active it is and how many "worthy topics" you are having there: how to mess this game even more or how to make it more P2W, that some of the clowns who are paying would get slight advantage over others, because let's be real vast majority of donors have no sense what's strategy when you have money...

    oh btw, how I see TG Discord server:

  • I agree with the stuff written above with MindFreak.

    I wont add too much because as mentioned multiple times all over the forums- Travian doesnt give a s**t about our opinions or the further development of their game.

    A MH once told me "If it is written on Travian servers or on the Forum, it can be classified as information we can use for proof of wrong-doing etc... If it is written on any external thing, even if the players admit to cheating/abuse etc it can not be used at all" .

    The new problem everyone has is not so much with travian itself, but the people in charge of it. MHs who sell information to players and in fact make deals through external sites like Discord. One MH does it on a very regular basis. You simply go into the Travian discord server, contact him directly with the info you need, transfer him some money and the information comes. That there is one example of why external things dont work. However, by saying that. The younger generation/kids and young adults do use those things a fair bit more than loading up a forum.

    Better stop trying to get ahead of yourselves and to grab more money, and instead focus on improving the game, dealing with the corruption inside of your own staff, and start properly dealing with multi accounting- which you have now approved of "if done legally". Oops.... "tech accounts" im so sorry lmao

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  • Don't waste your time Ola Papi Grab the money and run is in the core of TG staff. So grab your money and find a new game and you'll see that the world is still a fun place, and not a toxic, money-grabbing, dark pit this community has become. Or hire a good accountant to work on your "strategy" because they run the show now.

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  • Travian Forum moderators thanks for all the good times in here, you guys have done an awesome job!

    Farewell from the oldest forum member left with any noticeble reputation, may we meet again someday.

    - Heintje

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