Day 10: What is up now ? ( actually 12 but roll back )

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  • This is a fun thread for statistic. (Data from gettertool at 7:00 am gmt+1)

    With the amazing start of FIRE clan (gather 60 member quite fast), the rise of other former champion make the game make it less bright under its own shadow.

    The top 50 simmer :))

    10 from GoW

    8 from GUNNERS

    8 from TEN

    5 from LG

    4 from CWL

    4 from both FIRE

    .....( Other dont come from an alliance -> maybe just want to sim )

    The alliance now have most village is GUNNERS with 40 member possess 2 village.

    Below is some of my guess

    - Alliance without plan to dominate or some hidden strategy that Idk:

    FIRE meta FIRE II ( 1/2 in SW, 1/3 in NW, 1/6 in SE) and FIRE (1/2 for NW, 1/3 in SW, 1/6 in SE) the distribution make me think this is some kind of secret plan so ....;
    NE Army2 this is more like a drop out from NE army so nothing to complain maybe some clone to help scout and striking hammer later on divide in SW, SE, NE

    PERSIA divide to 4 quad nothing else to say

    In NE the crowded section ?

    GUNNERS will and may possess some high quality hammer due to 10 village far far away :)
    ELITE small but raid so much not many 2nd village yet

    NE Army have 4 squadron like Fire clan but version 2 and much more focus on NE. Quite aggressive but not in top raid. NAP over each other. Maybe we will see a civil war :))

    In SE the SeA section,

    TEN dominating and be top 1-2 RAID (maybe dont have a true opponent so low farm) ?
    SEO (a rather tier 2 alliance compare to TEN but 2nd big xD not too many settle yet so don't know)

    In SW the middle alliance section,

    This area isn't that crowded but very hard to determine who will be last.

    LG, CWL, FNU, Warriors, FIRE, FIRE II each have around 25-35 member here so maybe expecting a big betray or a big merge will change everything here ^^.

    Warriors mostly in the rear

    In NW the 2 big raider section,
    Addicted meta with 2 clan but not much 2nd settle yet so not sure about the cropper ^^

    GoW a quite big clan top raid first settler and 25 2nd village already

    For now let's await for first big war. :*:*

  • DAY 12: BIG NEWS

    Days 10, Sea had show their true form as TEN, winner of ts1. Day 11 they had dominated the SE section . Who can stop them now ?

    In day 12 Co leader of FIRE clan Sparta (if I dont remember wrong) deleted his account with multiply clones leave FIRE with 47 member left.

    End of that day, Sax leader of FIRE rage quit the clan. Some big member FIRE also quit like Monkey D.Luffy, Fanboy, ... Now will the left FIRE clan burn out and merge with Addicted ?

    Sax leave his final word on his profile. He had 3k clubs.