Payment Store Question

  • We just have to talk about that you can no longer buy gold for Euro! This is really comical. all the years i have been able to buy my gold for euro even on swedish and nordic servers. But now the opportunity has been taken away from me at anglo. The alternatives I have the US dollar, gb pound, to choose from and both are in higher value against the Swedish krona, which means that gold has now risen oh become expensive! apparently you can't trade against Canadian dollars or Australian dollars unless I live in those countries because then it automatically switches to US dollars. Hutless prices it has become!

    Understands that UK residents want to leave the eu who wants to be a member there but please reintroduce the Euro as a payment method. This just means that I will have to buy less gold and become a worse customer.

  • Wow, that's strange. There are a lot of European players on the Anglo servers, mostly from the Nordic countries & the Balkans.

    Not to mention the Republic of Ireland which also uses Euros.

  • I just checked through my messages with the Game Center. It is not looking good as the amount of players paying in Euros on Anglo in 2019 is very small.

    I am trying to argue that it doesn't cost them anything and it does provide "goodwill". They report and operate in Euros so I would expect it actually saves them money and reduces the risk of currency fluctuation. I should know in the next few days if this argument is gaining any traction.

  • I've been thinking a little about how much more expensive gold has become for me. I usually buy 4 packages of 1600 gold with + 30% when it is on sale. I compared the cost of one euro server and anglo 2 where I now play so it turned out that gold was 23% more expensive on an anglo server against a server where I have been able to buy for euro.

    23% is a very high increase you may be able to press on. so they understand. BlackBlade

  • I've heard back. They aren't ruling out adding the Euro option, but want to wait and see what happens. They said they will re-evaluate next month. I know that isn't the answer you were hoping for but it is better than a no.

    If it is important to you I would suggest filing a ticket with customer service under the "Suggestion/Feedback" category and to do so from an account on an Anglosphere server. Here is a template you can use: