Duals for angolosphere codex

  • Hello everyone

    We are an alliance looking for player staffing on Anglo-Codex. If you would like to learn regional server strategy, we would love to have apprentices, and experienced players. We need staffing on regional defense hubs. We have a couple accounts willing to take apprentices. We have accounts who just need real life time to step away, but the accounts still need staffed, even if 2 hours a day, as long as we know the hours you will play. If we staff accounts enough, gold player, or not, you are valuable. please msg discord Phunkey#4882 and we will find an account that suits your needs, if you have previous experience, please post game world and IGN (past or present) if a gold account is required or not, if you will add gold or not, and offensive player, defensive player, or sim specialist, Resource provider in regional servers is also an option. There is a place for you. There is a time zone for you, there is an need for you, in whatever capacity. Let us help you, help us, and have fun.

    Best regards.