New races and ui question

  • Hello,

    I really like new races (huns and egyptians) + new ui like in codex victoria.

    Few days ago i decided to play new server (czsk1 which started later than codex victoria) but i was surprised there were not new races nor new ui... why? What are the plans for future servers?

  • The new tribes are always on the Annual Special servers (Codex Victoria is this years edition). They were added to the Tournament servers this year to see how things go on a wider scale. While I don't have any official information, based on my impressions from the Game Center putting the new tribes on all T4.4 servers is something that will be handled next year and I think we will know more in the Spring once the Finals server has completed.

    Regarding the new UI there was a lot of discontent with the changes so they decided to not roll them out to all servers yet. My impression is they are working on some modifications based on user feedback, then will test it again and then we would likely see it being implemented on all servers.

    If I do hear more that I can report I will be sure to pass it on.

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020