See ya! Final thanks

  • May I ask why you're so sure your interpretation of that rule is the right one? I read a bit backward in forum. Rule 1.1 is a relative new one (date from 2016). I found a thread with replies from Templar Knight (at that time he was community manager). He pointed out that team game and helping among allies couldnt be sanctioned.

    I always thought that the rule was introducted to help MH finding out multies (account not played by real people, run in sitting and just logged to allow sitter to play and so on), I mean giving MH a weapon to catch multies. Not to prevent real people to play as they want to.

    All the rest you write is plain BS.

    /me waiting for being accused to have killed Julius Caesar

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what's puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game

    (Symphaty for the Devil, Rolling Stones, ages ago)

    fnx wrote:

    I have to admit last year Villains played cleaner than us

  • Crazy round.
    Hope we all have an entertaining com1 this year.



    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.