teutonic paladins

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  • okay i want to play as a defensive teuton, but the thing that bothers me is.... why are paladins so weak? they are slow, they cost a lot, they have very low defense/attack...

    they are the worst mobile defensive unit in the game... cant they get buffed a bit? maybe reduce their loot capacity and increase their defense with 10/10 respectively from 100/40 or ... at least 5/5 ... they are pretty much useless in my opinion, but maybe im just a noob and i dont understand some of their advantages, so.. enlighten me please, how do i use them better?

  • Combined spearmen + paladin = reasonable def.

    true defensive stats could be better, but then just build spearmen + praetorian combo's

    as for raiding: 10 fields/h at 110 ress is even reasonable if you raid inactives

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  • One of the cons of the game soldiers no longer be the same, I think it needs to be updated :)

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