2020 Birthday Server Suggestion

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  • I was talking with an old friend about Travian the other day. We were discussing how gold use has change gameplay for the worse. I love this game; however, I do feel that since numbers have dwindled over the years -- player counts have forced the developers to rely on heavy gold spending from "gold whales." Those players that drop 200k silver in the first week on a gladiator helm, and routinely buy all the artworks for the first month or two of the server. I'm proposing a new idea for the 2020 Birthday Server. I would love to see it in the New Years server, but this is probably too late to suggest it. The idea is simple: shift gold spending to routine costs rather than sporadic costs that benefit individual players more than the general player base.

    1. Revert to the Semi-T3 Hero

    -The hero stays as it is in T4, but cannot use consumable items (cages, buckets, ointments, bandages, or artworks).

    -Remove all Tier 1 hero equipment (maps, helmets, weapons, armor, boots). The boots aren't so bad, but the rest can be used by an individual to gain a huge advantage in early game to grow a hero's experience.

    -Remove the Book of Wisdom -- replace it with the ability to pay 2x cost to revive the hero in order to change hero attributes. This is somewhat similar to the T3 hero; however, it would still need to incorporate the cost increase that goes along with hero levels as T4 currently does.

    2. Fund the Semi-T3 Hero

    -Removing the hero items above would hurt Travian in their wallet. I know they have a business to run -- lets not get in the way of that. Instead, increase the cost of weekly resource production bonus from 5 to 8 gold. Increase the cost of Travian Plus from 10 to 15. Increase the cost of Gold Club to 150.
    -While Travian Games may feel like this doesn't cover the cost of the auction house spending -- don't forget -- the fortunate player that gets the gladiator helmet on an adventure won't be able to sell it and get 100 gold from the sale. This will save TG gold from players that would normally save some gold here or there.

    3. Add World Wonders to Unique Artifact Regions in Pandora

    -Any veteran of the Pandora servers knows they tend to end a little boringly. Add World Wonders to change things up a bit...

    -Drop the WW's half way through the server. No plans needed, just chief the WW village (with the normal WW defenses), and you can begin building your normal WW village. We already have region capitals like this in Pandora.

    -WW level 100 does not equal a win. Instead, each level of the WW equals 2 Victory Points daily.

    -Doing this will increase the length of engagement on servers -- and keep us players paying for Travian plus and resource bonuses longer.

    -Remove VP regions from the game. It's currently too easy to just control Greece and own a server in the first 50 days. Regular regions should still generate VP's; however, perhaps those totals should be reduced to increase reliance on WW's.

    I know a lot of people won't like this, but I think it would be a fresh way to change the game, emphasize strategy over gold use, and still keep the lights on in Munich.

  • 2 points for WW lvl is very unbalanced compared to 400 points region --> WW takes too much time to build

    + it should be impossible to forward troops to WW. That would make it too easy to defend instantly by reinforcing millions from a hub

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  • I think we just need a x8 speed, but troops speed at least x4, because i played x5 last new year, and is really boring, server is x2 and troop speed is only x2, farmer have really more advantage than raider

    But a x8 could be good, like we had around 2008/2010 (i don't remember) but it was in V4

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