Anglosphere 4 dual needed (top 20 pop)

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  • My time zone is +11 so looking for someone able to cover the opposite

    The account is Gauls top 20 pop, 125% 9c, TT raiding, late game def account, simming account.

    The server is still very new with most top players still 4+ days away from getting third villages.

    Message here for more info if interested please :)

    (i buy gold)

  • My time zone +3 :popcorn::yy::)

    S4 2017 Osmanlı_Sultanı (AYYILDIZ)

    S3 2018 turkish (GÖKTÜRK)

    S6 2019 Nizâm-ı Cedîd (GÖKTÜRK)

    S6 2020 Capri (GOODFELLAS)

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