Raising the cap on farm lists

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  • Wouldn't it be great if the 100 farms cap per farm lists was removed?

    The benefits for such a situation in my opinion are-

    1. Easier raiding (of course)

    2. Increased competition as more people collect resources, which will boost a bigger pool to compete for the top

    3. With increased competition we get more activity per server without any added time commitment from the player. We could even see multiple alliances competing in a quad.

    In my opinion, I truly believe that the travian game designers must reduce the time commitment required to be a top player. That way, people playing duals would actually play 2 different accounts and the servers could be populated again.

  • The reason the limit is 100 to begin with is that when they were first implemented having more resulted in the browser tab running out of memory to function. To ensure all devices would be able to utilize the lists the limit of 100 was put in place. While it is possible that this would be less of an issue now, the Game Center is wary about making a change that could result in a % of the community being unable to use them.

    That said there are farm list changes in the works that will make them more user friendly and require less time.

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  • The most significant change will be the removal of needing to first click the "select all box". You will be able to send each list with a single click of an easily accessible button (no need to open the entire list). This will significantly reduce the time required to click each list.

    Other changes expected are:

    • Switching entire lists from one village to another
    • Additional info such as number of yellow attacks (I'm actually not sure if red are included? Need to investigate)
    • Number of outgoing

    This is based on what has been requested and what they have generally supported adding. The feature hasn't reached the dev team yet though so I don't know when or whether those changes are final or if anything else has been included.

    Former Anglosphere Ambassador 2019-2020

  • wow, what happened to the fact that you need to think on things you do on account.

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