Feature - Sitter function within same confederacy

  • Dear players!

    One of the features requested during the Legends on Tour event in 2019 was changes to the sitting function so that sitting is only possible between co-allies or members of the same confederation.

    We’re happy to announce that this feature will soon be added to new game worlds that will start in November.

    📜 How it would work:

    • When sitters log in to the sitting account, the game checks whether the condition “being part of the same alliance/confederation” is fulfilled. Only if both players are still in the same alliance/confederacy, the sitter will be able to log in.
    • If the sitter or the sitting account leaves the confederacy, they will still be listed as sitters in the profile functions. However, login to the sitting account will be blocked.


    • Texts ingame will be adjusted to reflect the current status.


    📜 Important information:

    • This feature will not be activated on the Tournament Finals. This is done because the Tournament Finals should be held under the same conditions as the Qualification rounds.
    • Information about which game worlds exactly or from which date onwards will receive this feature will be posted as soon as we know the rollout plan.

    Your Travian: Legends Team