Looking for a new team

  • I play with G&V 3-4 server (qualifications and finals...) and last qualification G&V winner team.. push is problem? 1h production is problem to send to other player??? 8|8|8|:D:D:D:D:D

    last qoualification I was 1st donator for trening and 1st donator for metalurgy and 3rd donator for market... all for ally, all for win..

    G&V forever !!!

    You did well in donating. I'm not just talking about the alliance bonus though...

    I also remember you were the one that caused about 10 hammers to die in the alliance offense action.

    Also, I had no problem pushing within my own alliance (you should read better). I had a problem sending 2 hour productions/day to uollasL for finals.

    Winning that server had nothing to do with being the best alliance...

    IMO travian has a lot more to offer then just building a WW and doing nothing else during the rest of the server.

    G&V was good at arranging their defenses... that credit I will give to them. but they made the server too boring for my taste.

    And the lvl of the players... (you for instance) was too low.

    I admire your loyalty. And I respect you will stick by G&V, I'm just saying it's not for me...

    2019 Qualifications: Horus

    2019-2020 Finals: Loki

  • because you are scars!

    if you play pro, push are less than 1 hour production!