[Tournament 2019] Wildcard raffle event

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  • The rollbacks which knocked me off top100 def due to hammers going to other targets, thus not getting any key. Thanks.

  • Finals is a round where best of every corner of world come to a single stage to prove their skills and dedication towards the game. I myself with 3 years of experience in the game feel that finals is the only server where I can test my skills with and against the best in the game.

  • Remember the past and the distant victory of 2012

    XOPBAT ru6 (eL norte) 2009 / Leonor ru1 (I.F.F) 2008 / Sinzoky ru4 (system) 2010 /
    XOPBAT tx2(Greens) 2012 / Fruits ЧМ (OstF FF) 2012 / OSA rux16 [M] 2013 / Пчелки ru8 (Ракшасы) 2014

  • play few server TX3, COM2 n few others can't remember:thumbsup:

    But what makes it special :/:/:/...... its because of Me. I love sending raids and zeroing villas:evil:.


  • What i missed during my 13 years playing travian is the Tournament that's why i wish and dream with participating in this turn where i knew that travian team is acheving our dreams so i know that this time they will do it for me

    with all of my 13 years in travian i am expecting the invitation to come to me :0

  • Klayer17 is the nickname. I play multiple servers so it would be difficult but fun. I've never played a tournament so I'd like to try it out. Currently on Anglosphere s4 mainly but also com s2 and anglosphere s1 but different nicknames there.

  • What makes the Tournament Finals so special for you? I have never play Tournament Finals and i want too try. I dont play at aother server right now.

  • What makes the Tournament Finals so special for you?

    I want too play for i can play much. And i have play travian many years but never Finals server.

  • Hello,

    I am use to play qualifiers and Final but too a break of 2 years. Now I am back and try to gather my team and we are each doing contest to be able to participate.

    Tournament server is very charming because of it's diversity. We meet lots of people coming from everywhere and by working together or against each other, we chat and learn a lot about others. The speed x2 is fantastic ( not too slow and not too fast.). Also the battle for WW become more interesting and that requires a perfect organization and put together tremendous strategy.

    That's why I am back at it.


  • Don Makkaveli?

  • Hey iam just start too play travian and tournament is good for me too play at because is not too slow server its ok lagom and i want to try play at huns. I can live it up on the server too. And i am not good at English and need too learn me more on the server.