Looking for Feedback RE: 5 Tribes on Qualifications

  • 5 Tribes Feedback

    Hello everyone. Part of why the 5 Tribes were included on Qualifiers was to see how they played in a highly competitive and large server environment. The Game Center has begun asking for feedback on how the tribes played out on Qualifiers and how players feel about having them included. If you have any thoughts please provide them. Below are some questions of particular importance.

    1. Do Egyptians need to be nerfed?

    2. Do Huns need to be nerfed or buffed?

    3. Should the 20% Tueton Brewery be kept?"

    4. Should the TS buff be kept?

    5. Do any other tribes need adjustment in the face of the other tribes?

    6. How do you feel in general about all 5 tribes on WW servers

    It is VERY important you provided feedback. These are questions they are considering at the Game Center which I believe is part of a lead up to implementing the 5 Tribes on all servers. Now is the BEST time to get tribe changes made if that is believed to be needed.

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  • 1. Do Egyptians need to be nerfed?

    Waterworks need to be more expensive than now on high lvl.

    Tip-tier player have very big benifit from that building. But for middle and low tier player no need to do that for few first lvl.

    Another reason for that ppl who cannot take 15+100 (or equal crop) can take it with egypt on 15+100 with more cost and 1 slot in capital. So waterwork bonus is good feature for egypt, but need to fix it for high-tier players (for ex who can build 19lvl on 15+150 (470k/h) at day 25-27 on x2 speed).

    2. Do Huns need to be nerfed or buffed?

    On sp ed server need to fix tribe bonus. Its not rightly for huns. On 1x you have horses better than TT (same 16+3 speed, more attack). On speed server (x2,x3) tribe speed bonus is equal +3. So TT have 38 speed, steppe only 35.

    3. Should the 20% Tueton Brewery be kept?

    Teuton rams off with curent bonus is very-very effective than all another variant for rams.

    Its good idea to add new bonus for teuton, but may fix % for 11-20 lvl from 1% per lvl to 0.5% per lvl.

    I dont saw any rams off in quali except teuton.

    4. Should the TS buff be kept?

    All ok.

    5. Do any other tribes need adjustment in the face of the other tribes?

    Roman off at this moment not so good. Off players dont have any plus for choosen this tribe.

    Huns off are cheaper and better.

    Huns horses have more speed with heroes (very important for arts) and attack/time dont so bad as Thunders.

    6. How do you feel in general about all 5 tribes on WW servers

    Egypt wall.

    Now egypt is only one and best variant for WW acc. In server with 3 tribe you can choose between gaul bonus with 5x art or teuton with 3x. Now only egypt. May be need to fix wall too (4x stronger or % between teuton/gaul)

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  • 1) Yes, The egyptians are a bit OP. Not really troop-based, but with a normal eco start, they will always be faster with settling and the bonus from waterworks is too much.

    I think a 50% bonus is better then a 100% bonus. this is the only nerf in my opignion thats needed.

    2) I think they don't really need a buff or nerf... I do think the Marauder should be a bit less offensive... the attack value should be lowered a little bit from 180 to 170 and the Marksman should be less offense and a bit more defensive and 2 fields/hour slower. so his stats would be like this:


    Marksman 115 80 70 16 105


    Marksman 90 90 80 14 85

    This makes more sense to me when balancing the tribe out.

    3) yes, I don't see any problems with this. sometimes I think about bringing it down to 10%... but i think many will find the teutons ruined by doing that.

    4) Yes, I like the TS buff.

    5) If the other 2 new tribes are ajusted... I don't think so. MAYBE the romans could use a small defensive buff... mainly on the legionnair.

    6) I like the fact the new tribes are here... I encourage TG to keep balancing them till perfection. When they have belanced these tribes out perfectly, I would like to see even more tribes introduced.


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  • Egyptians needs to be buffed, they have no use playing as an attacker.

    You know the old joke, Eiaiestyi? Man shows up at the Pearly Gates, sees this guy in a pin stripe suit, and a briefcase, a cigar, prancing about. He says to Saint Peter, 'who's that guy?' Saint Peter says 'ahhh, that's just God. Thinks he's Jofke.'

  • Egyptians have way too many bonuses that include waterworks, wall and the best hero for resources (great early development), need to be balanced so they are not the sole choice for deffers.

    Huns are fine but in my opinion lacks personality besides being the best horse based offensive tribe (stolen from Romans).

    Romans are useless and have no strong points besides scouts and easy development for newbies and tech accounts.

    Gauls are a worse version of egypt but can sim city quite good because of a trappers house.

    All in all, I think the tribes besides teutons and egyptians have an identity crisis. All tribes should have a clear upside of why they should be played and an obvious downside that makes up for it.