GUNN3RS: The Ultimate Warriors

  • It's well known the no.1 alliance on the server has been completely surrounded in the NE in every direction no less. Our champion leader Salme a hero even Ares envies has announced there will be no surrender and we are to show no mercy.

    Whilst the other quads barely stir, raiding inactives, bickering amongst themselves or pleading with other alliances to be friends, it's Gunners that has emerged hungry for war.

    Before we delve too deep and analyze the current war on com2, here's a rough idea of what Gunners is actually up against.

    9. NE Army 55 692 38079
    10. NE Army2 60 559 33535
    11. NE Army3 60 518 31104
    12. NE Army1 54 561
    . NE Army4 60 407 24429
    15. ELITE 38
    17. PERSIA 58

    Almost 400 acounts in total


    1. GUNNERS 54

    NE army has 2 wings in the top ten and several in the top 20, also holding some top tier players.

    Gunners have decided not to show this enormous meta any kind of concessions, it's the Iranian/Persian empires vast numbers vs com2's mightiest warriors, we've seen this movie before but can Gunners, defy such overwhelming odds ?

    Gunners have been catapulted already and taken on some demage, some of us had to work feverishly to repair our villages, the greatest of Persian armies sent have so far been defended. Gunners responding in kind by doing what Gunners do best, showing the enemy empire how we zero villages. The mightiest Persian attacker feared in the ne, known only as the shadow gave up recently after losing his troops. he walked by his king in shame, deciding to delete his account.

    The Iranian Persian kings have now taken an interlude calling once more on every alliance and member they can find, believing by assembling the largest alliance on the server they can win and fight a war of attrition. could certainly tire the bold, brave gunners.

    For each fallen Persian soldier the enemy kings send two more in there place.

    Gunners may have won the first round but the war is far from over, stay tuned for more reports and war updates!

  • Still find it funny that the guy nobody in gunners even knows is making the topic. :/

    I used to think the same when I watched Batman until I learnt what he did was never for fortune or self gain. He didn't care about how much he raided or how big his account hero status was, In some ways more can be accomplished with anonymity, much more then Bruce wayne could ever manage, the same case has been proven and applied with the travian version too :)

    And so I became the next Robert Patinson so to speak :p ofc it's not totally true I'm unknown, there are actually some that know who I am (my butler, cat women, Harvey dent and even the joker does) but these players yet to reveal, or they give funny suggestions in discord or skype that make me laugh, I think that's half the fun with players spending time puzzling over it, does it really matter who the dark night is, probably not, that said I doubt will be long before ii tell the wrong person and the bat is out of the bag :P

    But let's not get too carried away with the bat story here, this thread was made and reserved for war updates afterall ;)

  • What do you want from other alliances man ? Break off all ties they made? (REV only has 20 or so more members than you do). Its like youre constantly telling us how tough it is for GUNNERS while all we see is -


    1. GUNNERS 54 1451 78348

    Attackers - Great off stats for an ally fighting war all around them.

    Attackers -

    10. GUNNERS 54 665 35900

    Defenders -

    1. GoW 55 390 21469
    2. GUNNERS 54 313 16886
    3. REVs. 41 361 14798
    4. REVs 44 286 12579

    Dosen't look like youre in much of a war, unless this whole post is sarcastic and taking a dig at NE Army ?

  • Dosen't look like youre in much of a war, unless this whole post is sarcastic and taking a dig at NE Army ?

    Defenders of the week

    1. GUNNERS 7811

    To be fair War has only really started to take off this week, so far Gunners hasn't really caught defense at home, so don't think that necessarily makes us bad in attacking, also it's going to be more difficult defending 400 players then it will be defending less targets so that's one advantage Gunners will have up there sleeve.

    Now that more players are having catapults especially from the ne army side, I'm sure we will start seeing more fireworks and no doubt in the coming weeks overall defensive rank from gunners and opposing ne alliances will steadily climb, we've seen some reports on the other threads already, but better to have one place devoted to the war reports and updates, especially as this is the current major server development and I guarantee you'll see a lot more carnage to come.

    Ne army I respect, especially as they have the balls to attack us and are not going to lay down for us any time soon, there players probably have more troops then rev or even gow, it's not just that they outnumber us 8:1 they also haven't been simming so much, which means they have the troops to throw around. Indeed ne army elites pose a great threat to us on the battle field.

  • lol no one cares about gunners that much bro

  • lol no one cares about gunners that much bro

    Could be but it's not like much else is going on with the other quads atm besides whats already been discussed. Might be some fun to be had with addicts or warriors I guess but lets face it NE is really where the actions at ;)

  • are the tides turning? Maybe NE Army are massing their armys to strike down their sworn enemys!!

    Maybe Bat Man can shed some light on the situation.

    It's a double edged sword here blitz and you've brought up a very valid point we are yet to flesh out in detail.

    One of the downsides of competing against a meta of 400 players with just a small team is that we are also competing against each other for the same farms too.

    This makes farming much more difficult then other quads that have far less competition, and also explains why it's difficult for any team to pull out the huge raiding numbers like gow can, afterall its easy when you can hog the resources for yourself and have no competition, Ofc collectively the ne alliances raid a lot more then what gow do, so I' m thinking either there are more farms in the ne or gow should be raiding even more then they are now.

    Gunners may be stepping up the raids, however with ne armies & elites still raiding in numbers, means any spoils pillaged from ne farms still have to be heavily divided and distributed amongst the many alliances of the NE.

    As good as gunners can get they still don't have the same luxury as an alliance like GOW do for example, who obviously don't have 10 competing enemy wings in the top 20 against them having to share the spoils of there raids, or even another wing for that matter like revs or ten competing for the same bounty. This is one of the reasons I'd also be giving gunners a lot more credit then those holding the top farming spot.

    The NE armies early troop dominance meant they were able to assert themselves as the dominate farmers, the tide is shifting slightly in gunners favor but if Gunners are truly able to dominate the ne farms and it's resources avail, we will need to decimate an enemy with 400 players first.

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  • Bat Man i have to disagree with you that only GUNN3RS is having hard time now.

    Every alliance has their own problems to deal with at this early to mid game stage.

    In average, the top 3 alliances in 3 different quads (REVs, GOW and TEN) are having almost double of GUNN3RS offensive points.

    It means that GUNN3RS does not clear out the potential threats in NE early on and now this decision has came back to bite you.

    In this case, I really want to commend the leadership of TEN that they stabilizes the quadrant quickly.

    Mist4 first time i feel that you are doing something right. LOL!!!!

  • I am a noob yes and no...

    its no doubt that clearing players of any magnitude by Gunners has happened thus far!! Correct, but clearing without catas is a bit of a waste of time and resources imo at this stage..

    But time is the biggest enemy for NE & Elite.. Elite have gone on a spiral downwards of late, couldnt tell you why!! Only clear thing to me is they became allys with Ne army, maybe they lost farms who knows.. They are too small to go it alone, but they arent thriving and have no croppers.

    id like to see a screen shot of NE Armys defence logs lol!! And id like to see how negative or positive the raiding numbers are of the other wings!!

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  • Blitzkrieger let me rephrase it.

    GUNN3RS did not aggressively clear out potential threats in NE as much as other quads are doing.

    Clearing waves can only be effective if you have offensive troops.

    Clear offensive troops early on, then you will have peaceful mid game, even though your enemies have catas.

    P/S: REVs is already the ultimate warrior as they have their quad war before merging together.

    Another P/S: GOW will soon claim that they are the ultimate warriors when they go into war with Addicts.

    Another P/S: TEN is doing a good job in avoiding quad war.

  • im not disagreeing with you at all..

    pete your all fart and no smell..

    i started making offence yesterday and i passed out most of your wings already.. & Pete, feel free to share them defence logs of your wings :D youll see whos getting pushed

    im easily baited, i must go and a have a stern look at myself


    Please hold back almighty one

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    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

  • To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    So whatever pete is saying here will be a good joke few months later.

    Just like how we joke on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    So whatever pete is saying here will be a good joke few months later.

    Just like how we joke on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by what they have no armies they are just sim city

  • To be honest, NE Army & ELITE will soon be absorbed by GUNN3RS.

    I don't see any sign that GUNN3RS will lose dominance in NE.

    I think it's too early to underestimate ne army and elites. NE army/elites have top tier players, top ten alliances, great robbers and the're not about to vanish off the radar soon. I agree gunners will likely grab the ascendancy, but it's not a time for us to get foolhardy or start celebrating victory prematurely.

    10+ wings for Gunners to defeat I wouldn't be surprised if Gunners are still fighting by artefacts, 400 accounts won't go away overnight, it's a lot even for a meta to handle not to mention a very small team. Addicts and warriors that's all that's left over ?

    That's not even half of what we're fighting, that's like complaining about fighting the natars lol

    Have the dominant metas rev,gow,ten ect really got nothing else to worry about ?

    congrats I guess on some nice offense points to boast, but the other quads besides ne are already pretty much locked down and secured.