GUNN3RS: The Ultimate Warriors

  • pics or it didnt happen.

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • From the realm of warriors Salme gathered his top guns together, announcing it was now time for Gunners to stop simming and pay back Gow with interest. We rose to the top together, but now it's time to prove we are not just here to shine in population rank.

    Salme gathered his men all round "Who will draw there sword and join your General in battle ?" asked Salme.

    Without hesitation Goat, Ignore mechanics, warlord, Toofa,negative creep,romy,bob, Shanx, all stepped forward.

    "You who all of you brave shall move torward the front line and do battle against the gods" announced Salme, he then drew lines in the sand, indicating points of attack and highlighting God's weaknesses.

    "This is where we make our stand" advised Salme. "This I want your fakes here drawing enemy defense, the rest of you this is where we fight and this is where gow dies". As he spoke Salme's look of fierce determination was like an untamed beast ready to release a horrific and brutal punishment with timely precision. For Gunners Operation smash and bash was now in session.

    In the distance God king Ajax headed towards Salme and in goats General direction,this time without red swords Goat moved his headauns forward, "no stand them back Goat I will talk to him my brother" spoke Salme with a deep voice of hardened steel.

    Salme the ultimate warrior, leader of Gunners moved forward to meet God's king Ajax in one of the great wars, very few intermissions.

    Satisfied that goat,demo, sunwukong, pinkie pie and others had already splattered troops from Ajax's main god division, it was now time for Salme to execute his operation and bash on some Gods capitals.

    operation smash and bash

    The main targets here lost up to 15 x crop fields, with operation players attacking on tandem, players attacking with 4 waves on selected caps to get the job done missing might be couple of players and reports.

    @ msb feel free to gather any reports I may have forgotton.

    Battle reports

    Bob (Gunners) vs material jump (gow)

    Romy & warlord vs sheldon

    Goat & negative creep vs zotox (negative creep mini hammer was caught our only casualty)

    Toofa & shanx vs juno mars ( toofa those are some next level ram numbers!!)

    @ Gow, this is just the beginning and Gunners are only warming up. Stay tuned more hits to come on you very soon.

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  • impressive from toofa and GOAT but maybe Toofa fudging his numbers in report, interesting to see GOWs report

    With those impressive numbers it makes the Teutonic clubs look a bit small , I was at first impression happy with those numbers,

    But numbers don't really mean much as long as it gets the job done.

    Batman can you ask GOAT who he is feed back as on our GOAT FB some one here posted asking who he is



  • No fudging allowed

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • Sent pm, that's toofas true numbers btw. Likely toofa has been training/raiding 24/7 from almost server start.

    Ajax. For a bunch of simmers some of those Gunners do make gow hammers look a bit small and there only operation hammers. Even wonder boy, Toofa :p

    Ajax you lost what was it your main hammer Last ops ?

    Jack sparrow lost half of his and clubbers has been lucky to escape with just some fields hit. Ligorit, Juno mars hammers all gone, Junos cap too, this op around 40 crop fields hit on gow in total. 3alkaram got a lucky break with his non cap this time. Just a warm up and muscle flex for Gunners.

    Gow it's time to change your misleading and incorrect alliance profile about Gunners. I give you permission to add the below and we might even consider having a break from attacking you.


    # Ultimate Warriors.

  • Both Gunners and GOW have flexed their muscles so hard and gave out so many information about their hammer size and locations.

    Both lost so many resources in terms of buildings and troops.

    Let's continue to see how this is unfold where both side lose more resources.

    #Gunners, the ultimate warriors!

    #TEN, the mighty morphin' power rangers!

    #REVs and GOW, fill up your own title yourself!

  • Because its really hard to source hammer locTions and sizes I am a noob

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • Ajax couldn't believe his eyes after his attacks went from starting so well to being walled, now the gods find themselves on the receiving end, he picked up the batman times.

    Ajax used to think Batman was a troll and it was all just fake news. Now Ajax was starting to realise that Batman news although slightly sensationalized, is very accurate.

    Ajax frowned as he looked at the front page headlines which read.

    Gunners Execute Operation Overlord

    Salme and his team of ultimate warriors have today struck again. An operation that lead to another 38 crop fields almost completely demolished.

    In another set of attacks that sent Ajax and his team of God's reeling, the ultimate warriors have today sent a powerful message to the Gods by destroying another 2 gow capitals. A third Gow capital also sustained heavy demage after losing half of its crop fields.

    From the last 2 operations undertaken in quick succession, Gunners have caused significant demage to 7 Gow capitals. With the loss of just one mini hammer and 2 op hammers. Gunners are said to be not slowing down for gow anytime soon despite losing troops. The Ultimate Warriors claim to still have more hammers then God's with plenty left in stock, under lock and key for artefacts.

    Here is a live feed from the battle field.

    Ajax froze he couldn't read on, he paced frantically about his camp with his Generals jack and clubswingers in tow. Ajax sent scouts ahead hoping to work out where Gunners could be hitting next.

    Operation Overlord Results

    Firstly congrats to Gow for catching 2 op hammers. In this operation around 8 op hammers were sent 2 got walled and rest got through hitting there destined targets. 2 capitals all crop fields destroyed, one capital 8 fields taken out.

    Romy & warlord vs Zoumo

    x 15 c.f. This Gow player got himself banned but it could not save Gunners banishing his capital.

    Bob vs croco (splat)

    Goat & JKR vs Asterix

    Goat walled, jkr got thru x 8 crop fields destroyed

    Toofa & shanx vs Furious

    Combined for 8 waves. All 15 cap cf destroyed

    Untill next time. Stay tuned for more ultimate warrior updates.

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  • I appreciate the accolades but we are not a general of Ajax just a humble servant to the man and the myth ;)

    Maybe not with an official title but your still seen as a top gow player, possibly no.1 rank in gow in terms of troops or close to it, a role model with qualities other gow players would look up too, so I thought it only fitting to give an honorary status. If the shoe fits ;)