What is the point of multiple villages, when cropper fields are straight better?

  • What is the point of upgrading fields in support villages, when in a longer time span than a week or two, cropper fields will always produce more resources? Cropper has +100%+ from oasis and 25% more from resource buildings.

    The only arguments I could come up with are:

    - with high level fields, the fields take months to pay themselves back, where support village fields take less, but also produce less.

    - its more secure to have your resources come from tens of villages, compared to just cropper and a few raiding villages.

    There has to be more arguments, right? Every player is spamming villages as often as they can, but why? What is the point of having more villages than enough needed for your troop villages?

  • Never saw "more than needed". Capital fields can be raised but to a point. Support produces smaller but not negligible amount - 20 supports will overcome capital any non-egyptian capital production.

  • Capital fields hitting reasonable cap is the reason to start making fields elsewhere, but is that not the only one? Since +100%-150% (oasis) +50% (buildings) +25% (bonus) cap fields are a lot better than +25%-50% (oasis) +25% (buildings) +25% (bonus) support village buildings.

    I could see settling villages and having them produce cp, to have villages ready later, when cap fields are high enough, but what would be the reason to make the worse fields in supports instead of cap fields?

  • I really don't understand your dilemma. Are you asking why people don't delay support fields development till fields in capital are done? Because developing any fields takes time and most gold only capital fields and only after certain level. Because even l10 fields in support villages will pay-off faster than you finish with capital fields. Because infra needs to be build in all villages and, forgive me, troops. Because all eggs in one basket is not the smartest idea.

    Have you done the math and believe you will finish capital fields (what level?) in 2 weeks? I don't think I saw such accomplishment.

  • Developing cropper fields does not infact take time, after lv9s - lv10s for most people, when they start instabuilding them. That is the root of this dilemma of mine. Eggs in one basked is one argument I mentioned, yes. So your point is that support fields pay themselves back fast, allowing the res won in supports to be spent in cropper fields, and therefore it's beneficial to overall resource production to build supports?

  • ROI of lower level fields in support villages is much faster than the higher level capital fields. This means that your overall resources production will be developing much faster - and once you start finishing your support villages, they can be used to boost either new support villages or the capital, again speeding up the resource development.

  • So should one always focus on the fields that have the quickest ROI? For example, should I not do crops to 11 and focus on spawn fields, because crops take 100hours to pay back, when spawn fields take 70hours to pay back?

  • I would for sure not be sending res from spawn to cap, if cap already had level 11 fields, while spawn had undeveloped fields - unless you expect to lose the spawn to enemies, or give it to allies, if you've settled your cap in another area. For new villages, you're limited by CP though, which is why you can't just continue building low level fields in new villages (that, and because the crop production of the capital is nice later on for troop feeding).