Вопрос о наступлении римской армии/Question of the offensive of the Roman army

  • I wanted to know the classic question of what is the best option for training outside the cavalry: - EI or EC.

    Now that I already know, EIs are resource-saving ECs that save time

    What I wanted to know When my army grows to huge negative content (I'm going to WWK), does the EI have an advantage because they can maintain the content better, being the best raiders, or better - the EU only because time is the most important factor, not resources.

    P. S I have 150% 15c right in the middle of the gray zone and I am an active raider. Also 1x server

    Ya khotel znat 'klassicheskiy vop

    fedloan irs.gov easybib

  • If you are playing without techs/multies to raid or garage in, you need EIs to make as large a WWK as possible, since they're easier on feeding, less expensive and much better at raiding. If you have techs/multies, you can easily go for EC WWK instead and get more off power.