Facts and rumours - Anglosphere X - round 4

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    We are happy to announce that Anglosphere X is going to start on November 19, 2019.

    US Start-time: 07:00 am GMT-5 (US) server time

    UK Start-time: 12:00 pm GMT+0. (UK)

    AU Start-time: 11:00 pm GMT+11 (AU)

    Pre-registration: There is no pre-registration

    Registration: https://tx3.anglosphere.travian.com/

    Version: T 4.4

    Speed: x3

    Map size: 401 x 401

    Please note: The artifact's release is 2 days earlier than usual, due to the Christmas truce.

    This is a fact and rumours thread.

    Use the thread to share any big or small happenings on Anglosphere X.

    Feel free to start new threads if you need to.

    Have fun!

  • Number of your villages 1
    Maximum controllable villages 2
    Culture points produced so far 503
    Next village controllable at 2600
    Culture points still needed 2097

    Shame I don't have any resources for settlers :D

    Anyone out there got their 3 settlers ready yet?

  • Maintainence: Supposed to last 10 minutes

    After 50 minutes:

    Presently, the server is not available due to maintenance.

    This may take a few minutes. In the meantime chat with other players