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  • TravianLegends_Hero_Superpower.png It was a long way. At first the journey through picturesque villages settled in the valley was even nice, but then last weeks exhausted him. Thick impenetrable forest that stretched above the horizon. Red parched canyon where he almost died of thirst. Huge rocks with snowy peaks that stood on his way and finally the lake with enormous waves. It was pure luck that he reached the island alive.

    Yet, he found it. The hero wiped hot sweat from his forehead and opened the book. First page contained a warning written in ancient Natar language: “This will bring unique power to the world. If you read this book, you will be the first, but not necessarily the only owner of this superpower. Will you dare? He hesitated…

    Dear players!

    We invite you to think about superpower this book might give to the in-game hero. Let your imagination fly free without any limitations!

    • This can be something that fits the game and is well balanced.
    • This can be some unique superpower that would turn the world upside down.
    • This can be something funny or even insane (after all, Natars could just make a joke out of it, who knows)?

    In other words, this can be anything that fits “Travian hero superpower” theme.

    To take part in this contest just submit your answer to this thread. This can be image, text, video, table with hero characteristics – your choice!

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    November 19, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    End date/time:

    November 25, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    Winners announced on:

    November 26, 2019

    Winners chosen:

    By Travian: Legends team jury

    1st place

    150 Gold

    2nd and 3rd place

    100 Gold

    4th to 6th place

    50 Gold

    Special prize

    Answer that will receive most likes from the community will get additional 50 gold.

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    Specify your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the task


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  • How about an unlimited supply of a single resource for a set time period of say an hour? Maybe two? 24 hours? (Ok thats pushing it!)

    Playernotfound - 2019 Finals

    moveoverbenson - Com2

  • What's the most important for hero? :/ Its their lives and health! :P . Mostly when we are in the battle or in giving experience to our hero. So, I want him/her to have superpower like a cat that "has 10 lives" and healing power faster than other animal. I want with that ancient book my hero got superpower of 10 additional lives and can use healing instant to 100% that can be use 10 times :evil:.
    Thank you travian team. I hope my wish can be implemented in the next svr :thumbsup:

    IGN : zee

    Svr : ts2.travian.com


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  • Hero turned the page, reading the power he's about to receive: "You are granted a power to survive any battle you level up in. You'll fight along your brothers, watch them die on a battlefield and often times return home as a lone surviver." Just as he finished reading the last word sky opened up and he was blessed by the natars themselves. As he turned back home to fight on the fields of Codex Victoria he wondered to himself: "was this really such a good idea?" ;)


  • The Hero receives unique blessing/ability after reads the following sentence, "The price of GOLD is reduced by half every friday AFTER sending 1000 attacks on Natars".




    TT finals

  • Super Power: Hero immortality for a certain period of time, that same time it takes to revive the hero for each level), that same time could be used for the duration of the immortality activation.in other words, taking the same time as the hero in reviving (depending on the level), his immortality will be the same time.

    Nick: Freezer

    Sr: Finals

  • The Hero uncovered the most well kept secret of the Natars. They invented Mixed Gender Thermal Baths, it provides the ability to get along with the opposite sex, and therefore the natality rate is much bigger on Natar villages which allows then to expand so fast.

    The hero now has the knowledge to create a Mixed Gender Thermal Baths on every village of his empire, he will now conquer the world by producing 20x more warriors than his enemies, and with 20x more pleasure!

    Nickname : Mike

    Server : https://ts15.travian.com

  • The hero can now relocate the village where he belongs. But be careful your troop will have to walk a long way to go to your new place and it will face the wrath of the Natars sooner or later whenever you tries to used it.

    Nickname: theonebelowall

    Server finals.travian.com

  • account Peppy on Finals

    You have found the natar hidden map book of artifacts locations.

    Every page you read allows you to see in advance 1 random location, but each time you read a page a natar ghost army will attack your largest city, size of army depends on artifacts power.

    Can only read 1 page per week as it takes a week for the writing to appear in the sunlight. Beware some pages may have location not yet set in book prior to being written but natar ghosts still attack your largest city . Upon destroying the book at any time you will picture the location of 1 unique artifact. As it burns to ashes.

    Only good in early server or change to book of plans if later server



  • peppy on finals

    Ok a actual super power for hero ..

    Can leave a army and return to village same as cancel attack but only hero returns, can be done at any time during the attack.

    Either instant return or has to return normally and so is shorter or longer return depending on distance already traveled..

  • peppy


    He achieve the power of charm , may reinforce a natar village and have them come to his home village to defend it

    Length of time it takes to charm them depends on number of natar ÷ by his level in time. Can use this power continuously, like a natar trap for oasis animals.

  • crazycat

    The power to destroy a resource field in a village and replace it with a resource of a different type. Must have at least one of each resource. Can only be used once per 24 hours. (So 9 days to change a 6c to a 15c), but could also create a 15 clay, iron or wood.


  • He hesitated...and read further...

    You need to choose either of the TWO ANNIHILATORS

    "Power to bring destruction to your enemies by providing you and your troops to Max level for 1 final attack.. Think before use it.."


    "Power to Annihilate one ATTACK on your capital...A complete destruction of incoming attack....Ask yourself before using it.."

    Nickname: honeyashu

    Server: https://finals.travian.com/

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  • The book contains a recipe for magic that would allow the hero to carry resources when raiding villages on his own.

    The book would also enumerate various incantations that will make him imitate a stronger version of a specific unit (e.g. catapult x 50, spy x100) strength of unit depends on the stage of the server



  • Travian superhero powers can be double damage & haste. The double damage is straight forward that hero will have its fighting power doubled. The haste should not just apply only to the hero, but to all of the troops traveling with the hero even catapults. That makes the haste superpower tricky to apply since the superpower could either reduce travel time by 50%, or you could lower that to 30% simply because the superpower applies to all troops under the hero's command in it's march!

    In game name is Starshockwave

    Server: TT Finals