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  • hero can make village invicible one time per week,,,,so if village get attacked will repeled it one time in one week

    IGN : jancukers'

    server: TT final

  • My Hero superpower is:

    the hero can rob an oasis alone and bring a robbery/reso from an oasis of 100 x the number of hero levels he has reached. hero attack power increased by 100% at attacking oasis.


    Ign: margay

    Ts2 .com int


    Final Turnamen 2020 dimulai 17.11.2020

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  • I always thought the idea of hero powers would be cool...particularly ones that could progressively become stronger as the hero leveled up.

    One fun one that wouldn't necessarily break the game would be "Mind reading"...where the Hero could literally access, but not control or alter, another account.

    At a low level, this could be something as simple as being able to look at an account for a short window, to see buildings, infrastructure, etc.

    At a high level, troop types in villages would be visible

    Even higher, troop numbers are visible

    At a maximum level, you can look into the account the same way as a sitter with full permissions would be able to...without being able to actually do anything of course.

    Conversely, secretive heroes could use their powers to block incoming psychic attacks...or perhaps even alter what an enemy spy may see if they attempt to look into their account.

    This could add some fun dynamics to the game, while adding a healthy does of paranoia and speculation. It would only work if its got VERY limited use, as in you get 5 minutes max every week or something, but could be a lot of fun.

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  • When raiding he will instantly get home in 1 sek with the troops and resourses. No matter how far it is.

    Joe - com2

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  • This UNIQUE POWER would be that on every succesfull raid/normal attack (succesfull would mean you have bigger percentage of surviving units than opponent) hero would gain permanent attack power of 5-10% of the enemy lost units atack (the ones that died). This could be implemented in a way that you would have a choice where you could choose between those 5-10% of units attack power added to hero or getting that 5-10% opponent units as whole (they would stay the same tribe as the defenders tribe). Would be a nice and kind of op power, but that's what unique powers should be :P.

    Name: Varuhan
    Server: TT Finals

  • hero who can defend the principles and spirit even in a desperate position and unfavorable

    IGN : RI_Sun Tzu
    Server : finals.travian.com



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  • for me I will say that it gonna be the superpower of adding a 25% to everything can hero manipulate like :

    1- resources production.

    2- def.

    3- off.

    4- speed.

    5- merchants can carrying.

    6- building time.

    7- hero fighting strength.

    8- health.

    9- experience.

    10- culture points

    11- stability of the village's buildings …


    codex victoria com

  • Ability to take all resources from one village and carry it to another, no capacity limit, as the speed that the village would normally give him.

  • The Superpower of Fertile Land

    After reading the book our hero will learn how to cultivate like natars do. The book will tell how to mix great fertilizer to have a land just like grey area. The grey area is known as the place where we do have the best oasis of map and that's all because of this great fertilizer and magic that Natars applies to their land.

    With this new knowledge our hero will be able to spread this information through the whole empire and in 24h all resources fields will start to produce as if they were all 1 level above.

    But this superpower only works while hero is alive, and your hero cannot hide from atacks anymore. If your hero dies, he won't reborn with this magic from Natars. Hero can only re-learn after reading the misterious book again.



  • The hero's superpower is Charm Nature Animals :rat::wolf::bear::elephant: . The hero charms animals in oasis equal to their hero level. Basically, it acts in the same way as cages but no cages are needed. If the hero is level 12 and there are four types of animals in the oasis, the hero will charm 3 of each animal and the animals will follow them home and guard the village the hero was stationed in.

    Syllabus, Finals

    :elephant: Elephant Hunter

  • user : gomemasai


    The Natar Book can be obtained by raiding Natar's village with chance of 0.01%

    The Natar Book need to be consumed by clicking in Hero's inventory.

    You only can use the spell once. Some of spells has a duration of effect time.

    Some ideas of the Spell/Skill by owning the Natar Book :

    1. The Forest Sorcerer Book : You will be able to control a single unoccupied oasis . You will obtain all The animals army as your defensive troops, but you can not control/move to other village or as offensive troops (Single use only). You must attack the unoccupied oasis after you use the Book to get the Natures army

    2. The White Wizard Book: Heals instantly 20% of your own dead troops for the next 24 hours (duration 24 hours)

    3. The King of Natars Book : By reading the book. you will be granted random troops from the Natar's army. (I do not know the balance number...maybe like 200 troops and randomed? but you can not get natarian emperor and settler). You can control the Natar's armies as offensive army / move to other village

    4. The Witch of Black Forest Book : Once you use it on your Hero, Whoever player getting attacked (Normal mode) by you, will decrease their ALL production by 15% for 24 hours. You only able to use this spell to 1 enemy player's village only (The one you attacked in normal mode). (Effect duration : 24 hours)

    5. The Mandrake's Elixir : Drink it on your hero and Your hero will be stronger (Fighting Strength Bonus 5000 points permanently on your hero)

    6. The Destructive Book : Read the book and you will be able to burn down enemy's oasis by attacking it (normal mode). The enemy will lost any benefit from the burnt Oasis. However with Nature's strength, the oasis will fully regenerate after 24 hours and the enemy need to conquer it again to get it.

    7. The Book of Lies : Reading the book will help you to reduce enemy's village loyalty by 50% by attacking in normal mode

    8. The Book of Guardian : Reading the book and one of your village (must select which village) will be protected by any attack for the next 12 hours

    I'm out of imagination fuel now

    Like me please !

  • More realistic would be more exp. share and more bonus points for the attributes while leveling up while the speed increases by 5-8 fields/hr. Also can attack with the captured wild animals if the hero is with the attacking party.

    And last but not the least, the hero can get all the troops of all the villages to attack as a single unit for a limited amount of numbers (as in number of attack) for a giant hammer.

    Nickname : Average Joe

    Server : https://ts2.travian.com

  • The book should give the hero the ability to raid with an increased movement speed if the book is meant to be found at the early stages of the game.

    And since the book belongs to Natars, the hero must learn the ability to conquer Natar villages without cheifs! Up to 1 or 2 villages. Move your hero to a village with an empty expansion slot and start chiefing by simply using your hero!

  • Hi

    Ancient Warriors Secrets which contains ancient warriors and army training secrets by which the Hero would learn how to train his/hers troops the other tribes' battle tactics and techniques. So the hero would be able to turn his/hers own tribe's army into Romans, Huns, Gauls, Egyptians or Natarian Army.

    1. Effects only on Hero village Army
    2. for 24 hrs per week.
    3. No combined/mixed races. One tribe at any given time only but NO limitations as to what tribe each time.

    Imagine you are Egyptian with a massive slave miltia raiding army and the hero could train them to fight and raid like Huns or Teuts. clubbies!!!


    Ancient Secrets of Disguise Mastery teaches the hero

    • how to scout villages. SO he could turn into a one man army of scouts with the power of a scouting army(some sort of a multiplier of scouting fighting strengths base on Hero's level)

    1x scouting per 24 hours

    • How to disguise as incoming tribe's troops and join the incoming troops to find out what and how many troops are incoming

    1x disguise per 24 hours per village



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  • How about if everyone is given the book with the update but as the hero goes on adventures or as he levels up ( per say every 5 levels or like a small chance) he can find ancient pages that enable him to get different unique skills like +0.5 % faster troop training per level or + 2% Cultural points per level its very easy to add to the game or maybe since the artefacts are coming soon bonus attack power and defense power.I also think its pretty balanced, there already is a system that enables you to train your troops faster have bigger carts exc. but thats with your alliance and you have to donate resources time and you need to depend on your alliance I hope everyone likes my idea.

    IGN : Asuna Yuuki

    Server - Balkans 2