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  • its not the highest production cos many egypt have 15+125 or better crop capital. At this moment not to hard have full 15lvl, not 17lvl as builds on Medellin.

    Great team play from ML. You cant destroy one-villa wwh which have 99% of ML farm now.

    Yeah you as Mors from Ru know how to farm friendly and building big hammers with this method ;)

    Some might have got him but as he is also farming he should be top1 with accessible resources with 400.000 each hour.

    We can check the upcoming days.

    Many accounts really slow this finals.

    Not many villages and even less oasis at their capitals.....

    I would love to scout many big capitals

    go spotting teutonic steel palazzina or luffy palazzina :asd:

    I scouted luffy but he forget to put scouts in his capital oasis. :/ Did he found now some time between farming techs? Let's find out soon :saint:

  • spot this and send me report


    Finals2019: Hot Club MIDNIGHT

    titani.travian URANO JESUS SATANA

  • I know

    That's why I did this thread

    Cause no one talking about that in forum and show the hole community this playstyle.

    Big hammers are posted on forum by safiren and travian but any comment about the way they were build? No

    Sure the leader know about the abuse but many casual player do not know everything so we need to use this finals to show how some hammers are build here so people can decide if they wanna start again on finals or leave this servers ;)

  • Some real reports!

    9c erased




    Another 9c erased







    15c damaged


    +6 Croplands


    Start Village damaged


    + warehouse + granary + barracks + stable + accademy + marketplace


    Another 9c erased


    1000 euro spent in cages OMG






    AND FINALLY "the cherry on the cake"

    Step 1:



    Step 2:



    Congratulations all...good fight!

    you can leave this thread when you want! osd.png

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  • toolman never online in the night, when i started attack him someone with password logged and building crannies

    and emerik send fakes 1+1 = 2



    Finals2019: Hot Club MIDNIGHT

    titani.travian URANO JESUS SATANA

  • should i congratulate uollas or vodka? i am really confused :osd::osd:

    nice reports

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  • Just drinking (sorry farming) Vodka?

    Check who belong this thread <3

    Finally some reports from others 🙌

    Emerik no reports from you?

    HunterHammer did a lots of damages few days agoo! this is way i said "good fight"! we are playing very well on the wallace/dacia border!

    Do you have some interesting reports? or just fake news? osd.png

  • Feel free to leave my thread :)

    I guess you do not like that I make farming techs more visible then Safiren does but that's OK ;)

    Maybe check the thread. Scouting the biggest farmer has nothing to do with any player. I do not play and have no problem getting punished for clear words and good stats.

    what about Luffy's tech accounts? can you check him?

    go spotting teutonic steel palazzina or luffy tech accounts :asd:

    fixed, tech accounts scarso :osd: