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  • Did RockNRolla take WW just so he can feed all the scouts he kills at half consumption? :/

  • good job uolla...ah no.


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  • 100!

    Congratulations to M.L and HIT players for the win. This has been one of the best and strongest finals. Despite being in a war zone since the beginning, we managed to stay motivated and work hard to the end.

    I would like to thank all our Arab players and leaders for their efforts in managing the winning W.W and making many great WW hammers. Even though we had many step backs, we always focused on the target.

    I would also like to thank our allies for working very hard on the Center and near WW. They fought many great enemies and still managed to support the WW with a great number of defenses.

    Thank you to all the players for your confidence and for respecting our strategic choices.

    our lucidity led us to victory

    Arab teams:













    ML-FR PT





    Special thanks to our HIT friends for their support and their great defenses. We managed to come out from big fights and make the best strategies that surprised all opponents and took us to Level 100.

    It was a pleasure speaking to you all those long nights Simone. You are a great and an honorable leader and I am proud to have you as a friend

  • As an ML representative, I wanted to thank my Polish friends first, and especially Frog and Janek. Their combativeness and their sense of strategy were decisive on this difficult server. Their role was probably the hardest. They are a people who fight with honor and who have held their position until the end. No other ML team would have stood in your place. Respect!

    Thanks to the Arab teams. A pleasure to have played with you. Your hammers are still just as impressive. Thanks to Sultan for his implication for his vision of the server.

    Thank you to the Latin teams for their confidence and to my Greek friends for their unconditional support and their confidence. Their representatives, Bolero, Pablo, Jessy, Locura, Tobby, Rina and Alegna contributed to this outcome.

    Everyone fulfilled their role and the victory was collective. With the HIT alliances we made the right choice and they led us to victory.

    Thanks to Hit alliances for their early server fights and their efforts to enforce our agreements. It was not easy to stop the fighting!

    Thank you to the Chinese coalition for these intense battles until the last server days. This is the essence of this game. What happiness!

    To understand what NAP implies in the middle of a server and in the middle of combat, you probably have to live it. Team leaders had to deal with complex situations. All the ML and HIT leaders were up to the task and this was a key to success.

    Thank you once again to the players who stay motivated to the end and we helped build the WW and defend it.

    And finally, thank you to the players who managed the WW with professionalism during all these hours. I learned a lot from you.

    Now we can drink Champagne xD

  • Did RockNRolla take WW just so he can feed all the scouts he kills at half consumption? :/

    no. they wanted win smartphone every year. Stupid players who play else with Orb and Galia. They had too much def and no use for meta.

  • Congratulations to the winners, especially to the Italians :P

    It was a nice finals, I had fun, see you next time!

    ITX Invernale 2018 - DamianS - ORGIA

    TT Finals 2018/2019 - TheBullies - S.P.Q.R.

    ITX Autunnale 2019 - Crik&Crok - ORGIA

    Trx Primaverile 2019 - MainAnale - Uollas

    TT Qualification 2019 - HamyraCheQ-lo - Uollas

    HISPANOX 2019 - LosAmigosLocos - ORGIA

    TT Finals 2019/2020 - BrewerS - UollasL

    Titani 2020 - FEARLESS - Exiles

    ITX LOCKDOWN 2020 - No thanks - ORGIA


    IT1 2020 - UntilTheEnd - Uollas


  • Before winning, did you hear a lot crying here? where are they now ? I expect shocked by their loss ..

    Finally, I thank all the ML Association, as well as our hero friends from the HIT Association

    It was fun and the win had a very nice taste. Unfortunately, there are people who did not taste this taste

    I wish them a sense of the future

    Signature: Abu 3wees

  • Fantastic finals! ML&HIT ! :love:


    I'm so sorry for our italian friends uollas, last in the standings, they couldn't fight for the first position at all.;(

    I'm sure u will find a winning lottery ticket next time. Thanks for all ;)

  • Congrats to the SE meta . Well played by NW and NE we enjoyed your fight all sever long and I think that what caused your lose. The smarter win. Russian was very disappointed this year they had the best chance to win but planed it very bad. Worst team I believe this year . Cye ya next year.

  • Finally Server Ends Congrats to ML Group And Well played

    Thanks to Everyone helped me in this server:):thumbup:<3

    :gau09: Saoshyant - Finals 2019/2020 - COT ™

    :teu09: Saoshyant - Titani 2019/2020 - SF 13

    :egy09: BlueDream - Finals 2020/2021 - TW