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    It was a long way. At first the journey through picturesque villages settled in the valley was even nice, but then last weeks exhausted him. Thick impenetrable forest that stretched above the horizon. Red parched canyon where he almost died of thirst. Huge rocks with snowy peaks that stood on his way and finally the lake with enormous waves. It was pure luck that he reached the island alive. Yet, he found it. The hero wiped hot sweat from his forehead and opened the book. First page contained a warning written in ancient Natar language: “This will bring unique power to the world. If you read this book, you will be the first, but not necessarily the only owner of this superpower. Will you dare? He hesitated…

    Dear players!

    We invite you to think about superpower this book might give to the in-game hero. Let your imagination fly free without any limitations!

    • This can be something that fits the game and is well balanced.
    • This can be some unique superpower that would turn the world upside down.
    • This can be something funny or even insane (after all, Natars could just make a joke out of it, who knows)?

    In other words, this can be anything that fits “Travian hero superpower” theme.

    To take part in this contest just submit your answer to this thread. This can be image, text, video, table with hero characteristics – your choice!

    Don't forget to specify your nickname and server played in your answer.

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    November 26, 2019

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    150 Gold

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    Anglosphere community

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    December 31, 2020

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  • Hi,

    Hero could with his superpower once per server transform some free field on the map to the oasis. This oasis should be either random oasis or oasis by players choice.



  • I think that this Natarian Hero Superpower should be a choice between:
    1) A call to the population for development of the land: Half price for any and all upgrades in all the villages (of that player) that will be started in a 24h period.
    2) A call to arms: Half price for any and all troops to be queued in all of that players barracks, stables and workshops in a 24h period!


  • super power to delete all tech accounts on the server and melt down computers using bots to operate accounts.

    Option:2 don't send MH's on vacation during day 1 of each server

  • As our hero opened the book, she noticed that it was in 3 parts. Each describing different levels of the superpower.
    The basic power was the ability for your merchants to move faster,
    The first chapter described how a village could double the speed of their merchants.
    The second describes how to make your merchants 50% faster for an entire account.
    While the final chapter describes a rare power to make your merchants twice as fast for an entire account.

    HELP on ANG 3.

  • Two Part:

    1. Once the book is read Natars will attack them from all available villages in an attempt to get the book back. (Nothing outlandish, but similar to settling in the gray but enough to force someone to defend during the 1 Week)

    2. If the book is read that single village will gain 40% Attack Power for 1 Week. Afterwards the book will vanish and reappear else where/have to be refound.

  • The hero discovered the great power in the book, Projected Sight. He was able to transmit his mind into any village and look at any building without the need to send scouts. But like all superpowers it came with a cost. So much energy was used it was easily detectable by the villagers and they were aware what he was looking at. It also took him 25 hours to recover from this great feat but if he worked together with his other hero friends together they would be able to discover many things.


    Codex Victoria Anglosphere

  • LordLinux2 Anglo4

    The hero gains the telekinetic ability to see any and all incoming raiding or attacking troops complete composition for a one hour period, however it requires the use of 10,000 units (or a certain amount) of all 4 types or resources. In addition, once used, he cannot use the superpower again for a 48-hr cool down cycle.

  • 1.: The Heroes attributes will be doubled for 24h

    2.: Every troop that move with the hero for 24h will get a +5(maybe more) attack/defend boost

    3.: Every oases boost will be doubled, eg. a +25% lumber oases will became a 50% for 24hours

    4.: On the next 5 adventure the hero will not lose health points

    Tropa de Elite

    Anglosphere 4

  • The power to change probabilities. E.G. the probability of this inc. being a fake is 100%. The probability of the fool art being account diet is 100%. The probability of an enemy settling that 150% 15c is 0%. The probability of me being able to change probabilities is 0% - oh, wait! Not that! Not that! Darn!

    JesusOfSuburbia - Anglosphere 2

    I used to have a bunch of reports, but they no longer exist. Just believe me when I say I used to have a 500k anvil, a rammer with 20k+ rams and a WWk with 15k+ cats. Oh - I also accidentally sent 25k phals and 25k druids to attack the WW of my ally when trying to rein it. (P.S. Some of these claims may/may not have been slightly embellished!)

    "And firstly I have never met anyone but you that can play a whole server without buying gold" Ben (happy) 13/2/18

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  • Habermas in https://ts4.anglosphere.travian.com/

    1. Hero can clear any oasis without getting hurt.

    2. Hero has the power to make any troop move at his speed (when marching with him, of course).

    3. Hero has the power to jump around villages of the same owner (instant travel between villages).

    4. Hero can spy villages without being noticed.

    5. Hero increases the production of resources in x% (for y amount of time, maybe)

    6. Hero can found villages at any moment (but villages start with 750 of each resource).

    7. Hero can increase Culture Points in any village but his own (not for his own account). He has to stay in that village as a reinforcement in order to work his magic.

    8. Hero has the power of destructing one village completely. ONE village, the power disappears after it is used.

  • All your troops and villages turn to Natarian ones and your goal is now to build crannies till the end of the server.

    "Over iets nadenken zonder het per definitie waar hoeft te zijn is een vorm van ontwikkeling."

  • The Hero opened the book and read the pages.

    The more he read, the wider his eyes grew and the quicker his pulse became as he realised the treasure he had stumbled upon.

    On a day of his choosing in the next 24 hours, he could use one of the magical incantations contained within the book upon which it would dissolve and reappear randomly on the travian map where the next lucky recipient would find it and take their turn in reaping the rewards.

    Dominion over beasts: All animals currently occupying oases within x squares (day on server/2) were called to the village the hero called home.

    Brothers in arms: The hero could summon troops equal to the sum of his hammer or anvil (at the current point in the game) to use at a time of his choosing. They consumed no crop but disappeared home after one battle.

    Share the spoils: If the hero was selfless, he could decide to benefit the alliance with all donations made to alliance bonuses multiplied by 10 for a 24 hour period.

    Gifts from the Gods: Like the Greek heroes of old, the hero could name three items he wanted and the gods would grant them to him in his next adventures with the proviso that these were items he would not try to sell to others.

    What a lucky hero he was!

    Idea #2

    The book detailed the work of the Travian Gods who had been working tirelessly behind the scenes in order to make the game a little more exciting for players so that the die hards who had played for years didn't get bored of doing the same old same old and were excited to play new servers.

    The book was titled 'Happy Holidays' and it gave detail of something brand new which was arriving in the world of Travian - holiday spawning gifts.

    On Easter Sunday, at completely random places on the map, there would be 4 spawns (spread throughout the day to allow players of different time zones a chance to access them) of Easter eggs (a limited number) each containing a gift which would stay on the map for 24 hours before disappearing. Heroes could collect more than one gift on the day but each time they picked up a gift, they developed 20% fatigue meaning that a maximum of 5 eggs could be collected.

    Upon opening the gifts, heroes would be well rewarded as these were no mere adventures - resources x 3 meant that all resources in every village were instantly tripled; long lost brothers meant that the heroes army in his home village swelled by 20%; tier 3 items were available (and later in the server, brand new, tier 4 items!); and there were even packs of gold and silver in some eggs. There were many other gifts explained on the pages but the hero couldn't contain his excitement and turned the page...

    ... and to his delight read that the feat was repeated on Hallowe'en, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, with each day having its own special object assigned to it.

    The hero turned the final page of the book and was met with a beer stained, crumb laden page with a strange word atop it. What was 'Oktoberfest'?

    As he read the page, a wicked smile developed on his face. Talk of food which would fully restore any lucky enough to consume it and steins which made the drinker feel so powerful they were twice as strong as usual.

    He was so busy thinking of the possibilities if he were to find these items that he missed the small print at the bottom of the page. Should he consume any of the food, he would feel bloated for the next 5 days and as a result would travel everywhere at half speed and should he partake in the drinking of a Stein, he was very likely to end up losing something when out and about - a sword, a map, his car keys and wallet were all real possibilities.

    He couldn't wait to share the news with his friends!

    Dream Team - Anglosphere 2

  • Pied Piper ability

    L1 - draw nature to his cause as a following army

    L2 - draw nataran warriors as a following army.

    L3 - draw (steal) % troops from opponents into your army on any offence/defence.

    L4 - combine allies into a single army - can lead All troops (including reinforcements) occupying a village in a single combined raid/attack/reinforcement.

    Osprey Anglo 15

  • Source Code
    1. He was thinking what might happen if he read the book. But the dilemma was brief. He took the book, put it in his bag, and continued his search for the hidden corner to read it. The wars had been going on for so long, ww it became impossible to demolish as valuable defers were making millions of deffs to preserve the wonder of the world, and perhaps the power of victory was in the book. He finally sat down and reopened the book and began reading. Natars wrote the following: if you decide to use the powers you will get: a dragon that makes the attack force 30% stronger in attacking ww as well as the army that goes with it, so you have the opportunity to conquer everything, but be careful you have to play without a multicolor , bots, and scripts for each of your units to come out with their own click. In addition, we also give you a magic potion recipe that enhances the power of your off units. All you have to do is not cheat in the game or use the potion more than once. With this power you will become the ruler of the world, so think about what you want because you only have the right to use it once during the game .... And know, there are 2 more books like this, but they have other super powers



  • Oh I like these.

    So my idea is more tribe specific. Each tribe hero will have its own super power.

    Since it is "superpower" i do want it to be sort of unique and overpowered in a way.

    So this power can only be used one every X (24?) hours.

    It has really strong positive side followed by some type of draw back

    Gaul: Building on the speed theme.

    All army with the hero gets +50% base speed for X hours or for one single encounter (whichever happens first). when it ends, hero and all army with the hero have their speed reduced by 50% for X hours.

    Imagine how fast you can move defense around, or blaze through the map with TTs. Even catas are now much faster.

    Roman: Building on the additional army strength theme

    All Army with the hero gains triple Off and Def bonus (60% instead of 20% at 100 points) for X hours or for one single encounter (whichever happens first). Rams with hero are reduced to 33% efficiency and catas with hero can only fire ONE TIME and at random (even with RP lvl 20).

    Roman armies will now pack a punch more than ever before.

    Teuton: Building on the plunder bonus theme

    All raids successful raids with hero in them for X hours will drain resources from other village owned by the target. All troops gain +100% increased carry capacity and 100% increased speed. Hero is unable to perform attacks during this time, only raids. All casualties during this time cannot be revived (with bandages or hospitals).

    Imagine being to drain the whole account, all villages from resources by raiding 1 village (or maybe even oasis?) You village with negative crop/hour? get ready for starvation...

    Hun: Building on the cavalry theme.

    All CAVALRY forces with the hero gain +50 offense and each defense points for X hours or one single encounter (whichever happens first). At the same time, all INFANTRY forces with the hero have all their offense and defense capabilities reduced down to 0.

    Hun cav is already amazing and with the bonus it will now pack even more of a punch. But infantry should be left behind...

    Egyptian: Building on the production bonus theme

    Hero production is doubled is applied to the village the hero is currently in (if his in home village, production is quadrupled from base value). Additionally, all troops with hero DO NOT CONSUME CROP. lasts for X hours or for one single encounter (whichever happens first). When effect ends, hero production is reduced to 0 for X hours.

    eg: hero home villa is 'V1'. hero is currently at home. base production is 2000 crop/hour. superpower production +8000 crop/hour for 'V1'

    eg2: hero home villa is 'V1'. Hero is currently defensing ALLY village 'Va1'. base production is 2000 crop/hour. Additional production for home village 'V1' is +4000 crop/hour. Addition production for ally village 'Va1' is +4000 crop/hour.

    Imagine defending an ally and not only do your own troops do not consume any crops. You increase your ally's production by some amount making it so much easier to feed large amounts of troops.

    Would be fun to see stuff like this, but oh boy would it make the game unbalanced...

  • The book opens slowly, the old leather spine creaking in protest of the exertion. As the pages sprawl out a small cloud of dust is coughed from within. Just how long has this treasure been lost?

    Within the pages are of faded parchment, a lot of text is too light to read, the pigments of the images within having deteriorated to obscure blobs and blurs. After some careful preservation all that can be salvaged from this historical artifact is a single page. This page happens to be quite important. On the parchment it depicts and instructs one in a ritual of forbidden magic, translated below:

    “None knows another’s plight. All civilizations judge each other. Be it by how they look, how they act, how they live.. By their upbringing or simply how they dress. This bleeds into all aspects of life, including militaristic war and politics of the highest level. Often these judgments are unfounded, incorrect and at times extremely destructive. Preconceptions have led to countless atrocities. We have discovered a means to eliminate this error’s existence. This ritual may be used to appoint one the powers of the Equalizer. The ability to make others walk in each other’s shoes. The minds of two or more parties can be swapped for a limited time, allowing them to experience life from the other’s perspective. Only when we all truly know each other, and what they come from, can we hope to achieve lasting peace. Otherwise, society will always strike back against the unknown, and never learn to grow.”

    Having deciphered the text above, as well as the steps of this ritual, you may now acquire this power. Once per week you will be able to take over another player’s account and gain access and control of their villages.

    KEEP IN MIND! While you have control of their villages, they will have control of yours. Your actions on their account may have consequences on your own!

    What you CAN do:

    1.) Control their troops to attack or defend any targets of your choice.

    2.) Control their merchants to send resources however you want to.

    3.) Construct buildings / resource fields.

    What you CAN’T do:

    1.) Have access to their account settings.

    2.) Deactivate their account.

    3.) Use the main building to destroy their own buildings.

    4.) Access to their gold. Can not use or buy gold.

    5.) Access their messages. While you are on their account your mail will be sent to their account’s mailbox. Their mail will be sent to the player controlling your account. You will not be able to view any of the messages directed to them, and they can not read messages directed to you.

    6.) Make them leave their Alliance.


    Alright! That is my idea, sorry if this became too lengthy, I was honestly having a lot of fun thinking and writing about it.

    Look forward to being judged on the idea and hope I am judged favorably! I’ve played Travian for many many years now and have never won anything from a community contest, not even anything small. So yeah winning would be incredible XD

    My account details are:


    Playing on the new Anglosphere speed server that opened this morning:

    My Travian Server

  • My hero superpower would be a once daily ability to supercomplete and building development, resource expansion, research, as well as troop training and development.


    Ts15 codex victoria

  • Like the artifacts, there is more than one type of book, and they appear randomly and without warning. Maybe there are 200 books in all, but instead of a massive drop, a new one falls each ten days. There is a special procedure for capturing a book. The books have village wide and account wide settings that are linked to the hero. The time when a book falls will effect how it is used....

    Or, there could be a lot of less powerful books that you can choose WHEN you want to use them. Your magic book could come with a count down in progress and you have to use it before the count down is over. Different books will have different expiration dates.

    The books will have powers such as:

    1 Shape shifting - The ability to change race - For example you start the server as a Teuton, but find that your account is located in a place that is more conducive to being Gaul. There would several of these books and they have a long expiration time.

    2. Invisibility - You are able to launch attacks and as long as the hero is in the attack, it will be invisible for the first half of the trip. (better than half speed if you think about it, but the recipient of the attack does need to have some ability to defend, so travel speed is normal.) Also, if you get the extra good book, your foe does not get a report. There would be several of these books, but maybe not as many as there are small speed artifacts.

    3 Super-strength attack- Simple math amps up your army by 1/4, 1/3, or even 1/2. As long as the hero is in the attack, the attack is more powerful. People know how big your hammer is because they have been scouting you non-stop, but they have no idea what your bonus is. There are probably about 10 of these books, and they have a somewhat shorter expiration date than anyone would like.

    4. Mind-Control - You see an incoming attack from a foe. You use your magic book power to turn the hammer around. The attacker just sees that his hammer is returning and must relaunch....

    5 Telekinesis - On those icky servers where the artifacts are glued down and victory points attached to a region, there would be maybe 5 special books that give the power to move the artifact up to 100 squares or steal the victory points it has generated or both.

    6 Super strength Boost - this book is tricky in that it maxes out the smithy in all of your villages for all of your troops. If you get it early in the server, villages that are settled later do not get the power. If you get it late in the server, your troops should already be mostly maxed out. or maybe, it would let you push your smithy up to level 25 or 30....

    7 Super-server diplomat - This book would allow the holder to declare a server wide truce, just like Christmas and New Year's. There would only be one of these books per server, because it is such an awesome power.

    8 Time -Traveler - One player gets the opportunity to roll-back a server 24 to 72 hours. Again, there is only one of these super books, and it has to be used within 30 days of finding it.

    9 Teleportation - The player gets the ability to move one village or their whole account as much as 100 squares as long as they move it to empty squares

    10 - Super Resource Accumulation - This book contains magic that when activated, stuffs the warehouses of one or all villages completely full.

    Clearly, I have way too much time on my hands.