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  • He was thinking what might happen if he read the book. But the dilemma was brief. He took the book, put it in his bag, and continued his search for the hidden corner to read it. The wars had been going on for so long, ww it became impossible to demolish as valuable defers were making millions of deffs to preserve the wonder of the world, and perhaps the power of victory was in the book. He finally sat down and reopened the book and began reading. Natars wrote the following: if you decide to use the powers you will get: a dragon that makes the attack force 30% stronger in attacking ww as well as the army that goes with it, so you have the opportunity to conquer everything, but be careful you have to play without a multicolor , bots, and scripts for each of your units to come out with their own click. In addition, we also give you a magic potion recipe that enhances the power of your off units. All you have to do is not cheat in the game or use the potion more than once. With this power you will become the ruler of the world, so think about what you want because you only have the right to use it once during the game .... And know, there are 2 more books like this, but they have other super powers

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  • from description it sounds like an item that one player on the server gets from adventure or smth (maybe steal it from village similarly like artifact?)

    If it's one of the kind, it should be moving around the game a lot and It should be an objective alliances play around, just like they play around valuable artifacts. So that will be my take:

    Item name: Ancient book of Natars

    How to get : spawns between artifact and WW build plans (day 150) in the middle of the map and everyone gets an ADVENTURE in that location, which will kill your hero, unless it has 100 points in strength. So first people who can get there will have to be settled in gray area.
    First person who completes this adventure, gets the book, others (who are too late), get regular rewards.

    Slot : Off-hand

    Effect : increases attack and defense of this troop's villages by 20% *Effectively doubling hero's bonuses*

    However if it's used in battle, the item passes to player who battled against ancient book. Also This bonus is disabled for WW villages.

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    Attack stealth mode:

    Hero/player can compose a SINGLE attack formation and attack in stealth mode, the defender has NO notification of an incoming attack, OR just that an attack is incoming but no arrival time or troop composition information is available. Can only be used once in 7 days (7 day cool down)

  • The book was ancient wisdom and grants the super power of stealth scouting.

    I think the Hero should learn the super power to scout other villages X amount of times no matter the troops at said location. Or infinite depending on how we'd want to play this out.

    The Hero would have the ability to travel and scout a village without taking injury and gather ALL details. Troops, Wall, Residence, resources, cranny, etc...
    The scouted village would also NOT know of their village that was scouted as the super power grants the hero cloaking as they scout the village.

    To keep the story going, The hero would only do this special manuever 10 or X times as a fear others would catch on to his stealth tactics....
    Infinite times and just have the ability to scout another village. Which in turn would keep this hero moving constantly depending on the player. Which would also have its drawbacks of always using the super power.

    I dont think this would be too overpowering yet an element of a super power and add some decent results.


  • Wow. I know you dont have too much time on your hands so obviously its an overactive imagination.

    I mean, I'd been thinking invisaibility but you topped that x 10.

    I bow to superior imagination and creativity.

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    and yet everyone seems to love her..It remains to be seen if this is out of fear and indoctrination or actual love

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    a bit of both, really

    Clash wrote:

    When those guys with hug-me coats show up, you go quietly...you have to be NUTS to run this bunch

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  • Dear all,

    Thank you very much for all the ideas for the Hero's Superpower!

    It has been very fun and interesting to read all of your posts and that is why it took some time to decide the winners! I am sorry for the delay, but here we go:

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