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    Tournament Final 2019/2020 Week 1

    The Final has started and I will report from it. Maybe not every week but when I have time. As usual people was so eager to start so the inevitable delay to get inside occurred as it always do.

    A surprise awaited us, a new interface. I like it. The Quests has moved up and for buildings and field you toggle between them. Best of all is that the Buy gold button isn’t flashing any more.

    The design is different inside the village too, better in the whole but I don’t like that the main building is moved - it disturbs the way I’m used to organize my villages.

    The fields view is a bit different too but it is so many info boxes so it covers most of the terrain around.

    The tutorial is gone, you start with 3 fields level on 1-2. I think the rest of tutorial is moved to the tasks. To change village name gave 50 cp. That is new isn’t it? And first reward on dailys gave also 50 cp. I was late with settlers. I built too much for cp, should have built more on fields. But at midday on Sunday I sent and got me a 9c 75%, will be enough for a deffer with a low gold budget.


    Second village

    For the fifth year in a row a Dacia player has been first with the second village and a new record again too. I talked with Madalin on the Luffy account.

    Safiren: Congrats to a new record on settling second. when did you start and when did you send settlers? How many hours from start did it take?

    Madalin: Hello! We started to play at 2;30 pm , we had 44 hours to make the settlers and to get the party. It took 2 hours to arrived to the village c15 150% . My team's name is Exodus, ally of Dacia, we needed each others.

    Safiren: How big team was needed o do this? How many heroes died? Or did you clear with troops? How much gold did you use? And to what?

    Madalin:10 heroes died and I lost a max of 15 troops. I've used 800 gold to buy the cages .

    Safiren: What did you build in your village? Level on fields? Did you party to get cp?

    Madalin: The resources was all to 3 and built crannies in the whole village .

    Safiren: Tell us about your account. Do you have duals? Have you played together for long? How old are each of you and what do you do in real life?

    Madalin: Yes, I play with my friend from 1 years ago and we met on qualification about last year.

    My name's Madalin and I'm 31 years old and I'm an informatic and I work from home for a factory.

    My friend's name's Ionut, he is 28 years old and he work from home.

    Safiren: Did you take a day of when done? Your account was standing still :)

    Needed some sleep maybe? :)

    Madalin: Until we got the village we slept not much. The account still goes slow up.

    Safiren: The start is different, no tutorial, new design. Do you like it?

    Madalin: We have had the old design for a long time and we was used with it. The new one isn’t the best but changes are needed and we have to accept it. I don’t like that resources and buildings is the same button, it feels wrong.



    Travian is a teamwork, offensive players need defenders and defenders needs protection from the enemies around.

    A quick follow home on a guy that had succeeded to steal from a defender the night before and now tried again.


    Here we have a Hungarian guy that is very proud to have raided the famous Tirsin Ulan.


    It's always fun - for the attacker - when he finds and kills settlers, not so fun for the defender though. Maybe had been better to extend protection?



    First gladiator helmet went for 516.000 silver. Half of the price as last year. I think a second went for 560.000 silver.


    are in working progress. Dacia/Exodus/Smurfs/HUN in NW isn’t a surprise neither the Uollas meta in NE. In SE we have something that looks as CUP, ML, but in new organisation and Russians in SW.

    Both Uollas and ML has around 800 players counted so far.



    I have to confess I’m a bit hesitant to post Top10. They are so often an open reminder on how fabricated some points are. But there are still players with fair points so ok.

    Congrats to all players with fair points ^^

    Screens taken an hour before midnight, to be sure I should have them if I failed to take them at midnight. Which I did, started with a jigsaw puzzle on facebook and was done 00:01.



  • Week 2

    After 10 days of playing we probably have reach the top 6900 players. What I find most astonishing is that I haven’t heard a single cry about unjust banning. Not even a rumor of banned accounts.

    They will come - be so sure - but it’s nice that the start have been freed from that disturbing element.

    My counting sheet goes slow to update. Only the SouthWest quadrant is finished so far . Russian Union 795 accounts and Other alliances 509. Totally 1304. The quad has 1603 players, 15 of them is Natars which leaves 284 uncounted. As usual I count alliances with 5 members or more.

    That the embassy now takes 60 members from level 3 has made my work much easier. Before it have been necessary to count alliances up to rank 300 - now it was enough with half of it.

    Quad count





    The second week is when the catas begins to run. This two is the first I got. An exchange between China and Russia. Hmm... DTCAT was in the vietnamese alliance pho from start, now changed to X3 Grey. One village each destroyed.




    And maps! I have done maps :D Getter is broken but I found another site. I have divided the quad on several maps to make it easier to see how the alliances have settled.

    First the Russian Union. The lost of BAD and Cerber have been evened with that all resting alliances decided to play together (except for a small colony in NE, but more about that later. The list shows the amount of villages for each alliance and colour on map.

    Winter 19Fw2WINter1.png

    Band 19Fw2Band1.png

    Power and X3 19Fw2PowerX31.png

    BG, COT and a couple more


    Interview with Kira

    S: You are Герман from account KIra in Band-f. If I try to translate Герман goggle says Hermann but I've heard other say German. What do you prefer?

    Tell us something about yourself: Age, work, hobbies. where do you live?

    Do you have duals? Tell us about them :)

    G. German. Only so. I don't associate myself with Hermann or anything else.

    I live in Moscow. I'm 36 years old. I work with finances of racecourses of Russia. We have racetracks from Blagoveshchensk to Kaliningrad. It is more than 7 thousand kilometres. Hobby is obviously Travian. Well, watching movies with my wife. By the way, she also plays Travian and she is my main helper in the game. We met in a game. Thanks a lot to Travian for that.

    My dual is Tatiana. We went through fire, water and copper pipes together, as they say in Russia. I love her very much. Many thanks to Tatiana for patience. She lives a thousand kilometres away. But I visited her twice. She refuses to come to me. ))

    S: You are one of the leaders in Russian Union. This year you have decided to play together again. Why?

    G: I don't want to offend anyone who doesn't speak Russian in our team. But the unification and concentration of the leaders was on the basis of a common Russian language. We are ru-team. We love and appreciate every foreigner in the team, we are all together. Yes. sometimes we fight among ourselves. Especially on Russian servers. But we can always find common ground and overcome our differences and personal animosities. At least I hope we can do it. There is a part of Russian players who decided to play this server not with us, but with foreigners. We respect their choice. But personally I don't understand.

    S: There are no russian settling in NW and it is a rumour on the forum that you have a NAP with Exodus. Is that true?

    G: YES! We have a non-attacking Pact until day 100. And while it is observed.

    S: There are many smaller alliances in SW this year than it usually are. Germans, China, Arabs, Vietnam. Portugal and France. What do you think about them and why they have settled here?

    G: Ohh. I don't know. Maybe they want a fun game. Nobody will be bored. That's for sure. Of course, we respect the opponent and do not believe that we will sweep away any team. Such a number of small teams can cause a lot of problems. Especially if they unite (just don't tell them that).

    S: You gave me a report. Are you already fighting for the area around 0/-100?


    G: I assumed this neighbourhood would definitely be fun. I was not mistaken. Already lost at the time the top 7 off. The game has just begun. I'm sure I'll show you a lot of bloodthirsty reports.

    S: Your favorite candy?

    G: Sorry. I don't like candy. I like meat. With beer. I can tell you what kind of beer I like.


    Then we have the ones that looks as Russians but isn’t. Except for S.W.A - and I got an interview there too :)



    Interview with MisterXX

    Q: You are on the account MisterXX in the alliance S.W.A. Tell us something about yourself Age, gender, work, hobbies. How long have you played Travian?

    Do you have duals? Tell us about them.

    A: Yes my nickname is MisterXX,leader South West Alliance (SWA), 47 years, male, yes work, hobbies--play travian more then 3 years and I do not have duals..

    Q: Have you and your alliance played Tournament before? If you have, what was the name on your alliance by then? On which qualification server did you qualify now?

    A: I Haven’t played Tournament before, but members of my ally had played, and I didn’t play quality..

    Q: From which countries are your players? Have you played together on other servers?

    A: My players are mostly from Balkans, we play here together for first time, but played together on others servers..

    Q: You have chosen to settle in SouthWest, a quadrant that usually is avoided by alliances that haven't a connection to Russians. If not with the purpose to fight them of course, and you have settled your seconds far out. What made you chose this one?

    A: We mostly played on -/- coordinates, nothing special..

    Q: Anything about your future plans that you can share with us?

    A: No future plans on travian.

    Q: What is your favourite food?

    A: I prefer healthy foods, mostly vegetables and fish.


    The biggest confederation after Russian Union is the Germany alliances. They share area with BG. I wonder how many that bounced..


    Interview with Max X

    Q: You are Max X from the account nihilus in FC. Tell us about yourself: Age, work, hobbies. Where do you live?

    A: I am 29 years old, work as a Marketing & Sales Controller and live in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. I do a lot with friends, for example going to the cinema/to the bowling center or playing poker/soccer. So yeah we often look the german soccer league together. :D

    Q: Your german alliances usually claims that you are independent but last year you supported Uollas meta in the end with artefacts for example so many believes that it has a hidden agenda when we saw you in SW. True rumour or not?

    A: I wasn't part of the alliances who did it. Last finals, I fought with the alliance UNIQUE vs Russia.

    But yes, after the win of our qualification-server with 4 german alliances as a team, we thought it's time to start something together. So finally after a long time you see the most germans united. The rest is a secret ;)

    Q: All quads have enemies inside. Exodus vs Turkey and SPQR, Uollas vs Thai, ML vs Italians SE- and Russians have you =) Where do you expect the most entertaining wars?

    A:. Yes, that's true. So all quads will have nice action, but i think the most will happen vs Dacia, and their enemies and whoever's the enemy of russia/italy will be have enough to do :D

    Q: Do you have a report for me?

    A: Nothing big or special for now, bu i think that will change very fast the next 1-2 weeks.

    Q:Your favorite beer?

    A:It's called "Hohenfelder Kellerbier".


    On next map we have Vietnam and China, interesting to find both of them here. No connection as far as I know. Most of Vietnams is in the NW quad.


    The last map with Portugal and Arabs and a couple more.



    Bad picture but it is the big zoo. He must have spent much gold on that!


    I also had some fun :)


    Not so big zoo but efficient :D



    Which I totally forgot... Due to all I've heard about tech account the latest days it isn't a loss.

    As usual all faults are my own.

  • Week 4 SouthEast

    This week I offer you the SouthEast quadrant with maps and interviews but let us start with the overview table. 6061 players counted (plus the 15% in Uollas and NW) and server has now 6737 accounts. Even if I haven't double checked NE and NW yet I think it is quite correct. As usual I've counted alliances down to 5 players.


    SouthEast has 1866 players and I have sorted 1664 in alliances, which leaves 202 accounts not assigned.

    ML - Marshal Law

    The biggest meta in this quad, with players from the former CUP added with Arabs that is the biggest group, 361 players. Numbers to the right are villages. PWR1 don't exist today, the last two members have been moved to PWR. Most of the Arabs has moved out from center.


    PoWeR-FuLL from M.L-PWR

    Q. Tell us about yourself Age, gender, work. Where do you live? What do you do when you're not playing Travian? Have you played the Tournament before?

    A. My name is Sultan, and I represent Arabs in ML. I am from Saudi Arabia and my dual is from Kuwait.

    I've been playing Tournaments for over 6 years.

    When I am not playing Travian, I would plan strategies about Travian with my friends

    Q. In qualification you played with Uollas. Why did you change to ML?

    A. We played in qualification with Uollas to try them before finals. However, things did not workout. We were not appreciated there. Therefore, we decided to create a new coalition that consist of different players from different countries and backgrounds.

    Q. You share your quadrant with an Italian meta 400 players and Chinese 200 players. Do you have fights with them? You're opinion about them?

    A. I understand that we have Italians and Chinese in our quadrant. I wanted peace in our quadrant but we were not able to find common grounds. So, we will fight and have a little fun in the area. Many of our players enjoy wars and I guess this would make them happy.

    Q. You also have a border to Russians and you are equal in size. How are the border war going?

    A. Our border with Russians are a little quite for now. I think the real fight would start on day 51.

    Q. Which music do you listen on when you're playing Travian?

    A. I usually spend the time on Discord or watching TV Shows when I play Travian.


    Next map is Poland 170 players. They have stayed inside coords 75.


    Janek on account drezyna from ML PL3

    Q. Tell us about yourself :)

    Age, gender, work. Where do you live? What do you do when you're not playing Travian? Have you played the Tournament before?

    A. I am 51 years old, I live in Warsaw and work in IT: storage and SAN.

    When I don't play travian, I spent time with my family - wife and 3 children. I like to read a good book.

    I play in the Tournament for the third time, with my friends on account. 2 years ago we were building a WW together with Prime, a year ago in the CUP coalition.

    Q. Your meta has a different structure than last year and you have changed to ML. What is the biggest difference compared to previous rounds?

    A. We wanted to build a new strong international coalition, made up of alliances that played in CUP but also new ones. We chose the name ML - Marshal Law. X3 did not want to agree to change the name and decided to leave us.

    Q. You share your quadrant with an Italian meta 400 players and Chinese 200 players. Do you have fights with them? You're opinion about them?

    A. I really regret that the Chinese have decided not to play with us, and that we failed to agree on a joint game with Italy. Both Chinese and Italians have many very good players and our fight with them will certainly be difficult, but I believe in our players.

    Q. You also have a border to Russians as last year and you are equal in size. How are the border war going?

    A. We are not currently fighting with them.

    Q. Which music do you listen on when you're playing Travian?

    A. I don’t listen on music when I play on travian - I listen to what my wife watches on TV :)


    The rest of the ML-meta are from many different countries. Most of them also close to center. 303 players.



    Italians SE

    This meta is half the size of ML, 405 players. Consisting of two groups, Italians 289 players and Hunor/Magor 116 players. Italians have choosen to settle against the NE border except from one alliance that is far out in the boonies. Hugor/Magor have stayed in center.


    Simon on account Taequiero from ITÆQUILA

    Q. Tell us about yourself :) Age, gender, work. Where do you live? What do you do when you're not playing Travian? Have you played the Tournament before?

    A) Hi to all, I am simone. I am 23 years old, also if often I feel older :D I'm a guys, and i I am a private teacher for high school students.

    When I am not playing travian I like go to the gym, drink some beer or talk with some of my friends also people meet in game.

    Yes I played tournament other times, but it's my 2° tournament like admin. In the first one I was only a little guys of 17 years old trying to play in his 7x7 :D

    Q. Why did you split up with Uollas?

    A) We and uollas have never been 1 confederacy. Also in the tournament that we played together we played like 2 confederacy but for 1 unique Meta, so we didn't split up

    Before the finals tournament of 2017 we always played like enemy and in these server too people hate each an other so when we tried to play together like 1 italian meta we had some problem.

    Q. You share your quadrant with ML-meta 800 players and a Chinese meta 200 players. Do you have fights with them? You're opinion about them?

    A) I think that they are two interesting group. I know well Poland I shared a border with them and they are really good player in warzone and together with arabs that can do very big hammer in end game. Could be an interesting union.

    About China I never met these alliance in finals tournament but I know some of their player I don't know a lot of things about their leadership, but they are a really interesting account and seems to have very strong players.

    It s a very interesting quarter, the only quarter in all the server with several enemy so it will be the quarter with more fun but also the quarter with less possibility to win.

    Q. Any reports to share?

    A) It is close to the enemy China and we have fights about oases.



    We do our best to clean the area :D


    Q. Which music do you listen on when you're playing Travian?

    A) About music it’s a really interesting question...

    I really like different kind of music but we can say that I am a romantic man :D

    My favorite Italian singer is ultimo and my favourite international singer Ed sheeran.

    But before of one attack we always put:

    It’s a superstitious.

    Safiren: Thanks :) How about the rumors on forum that last nights attacks was synced with Dacia?

    Simone: safi :D

    It's only propaganda. According to these rumors, I contacted the admin of the dacia to coordinate an attack 150 boxes away. Attacks that arrived in 1h and 30 so obviously no defenses from the dacia area would come in time on our target. For now we have no agreement with other Meta in -/+ and for now we are playing in 6 alliances so if we will play together with some other group , I would have no problem admitting it.

    We know that in 6 against a lot of enemy will not be so easy but we are hungry and we will play to of course trying to have a lot of fun meanwhile.



    The Chinese have divided in two parts in this Final, one in SW and one in SE. 213 players. And as you can see they also have preferred to stay in center. Not astonishing that this area is so crowded and an excellent opportunity to many fights.


    Purin from MC

    Q. Tell us about yourself Age, gender, work. Where do you live? What do you do when you're not playing Travian? Have you played the Tournament before?

    A. I'm Purin, 31 years old, a housewife a.k.a stay-at-home mom for a four-year-old kid. Taking care of Travian just like taking care of my baby, I spent 24/7 handling everything. It's my very first time playing Tournament, so I have no idea what coming in the future.

    Q. Tell us about your alliance. How long have you played together? Your goal for the server?

    A. We are a family. You can call us as a new meta, though some of us have collaborated many times. Members of our family come from many places with different backgrounds and talents. Diversity make us stronger, but discipline make us together. But don't misunderstand, our organization is flat so anyone could be a leader. The only thing we follow is common sense. "Without rules, we'd live as animals."

    Umm... the goal of this turn? Have fun and play like pros.

    Q. You share your quadrant with ML-meta 800 players and an Italian meta 400 players. Do you have fights with them? You're opinion about them?

    A. Wow, ML and IT! There is nothing to say but respect. As a new meta joining Tournament, we try hard to catch up server situations and figure out how to play. However, other players won't give us a break. They played well and pushed hard. In the response of fierce wars between us and ML/IT, we grow up fast and become prepared. Wish we can have a good game.

    Q. You won the qualification in Group A against Turkey. Tell us about it.

    A. Awesome. Turkey is a respectful enemy. We did our best and we were lucky, so we won. Our attacking group were beasts, and our defending group were impervious to invasion. From second villages, area control, art crafts, blueprints, and W.W, we experienced a long long journey with sweat and fun. Maybe we will write down this epic war and publish. To everyone involved, my family and our enemies, Cheers.

    Q. Which music do you listen on when you're playing Travian?

    A. Listening to music might interrupt my sleeping baby, so I have never tried it before. We usually chat in the group channel, sharing jokes and talking trash. Well, but thanks for mentioning it. Maybe next time I will try to listen to music when playing Travian.


    The last map is alliances not assigned to any meta as far as I can determine. In some cases it was even hard to decide which quad they belongs to. FLB JDN and JDN are the biggest alliances. KUDOS, a turkish alliance, is everywhere and VC changed to NE.


  • Week 5 Top10 Offensive

    Too much on work and Christmas also nagging on my time so no review on next quad this week. I chose something easier. I had seen some good reports in chats and when I looked on Top10 several of the attackers were there.

    I watched the clock carefully when clicking back and forth between Top10 and players, sending a couple of requests for reports. Top10 restarts at 01.00 my time so when clock was 00:50 I was going to make a screen. But! Update the page first could be clever.

    Hmm - no it wasn’t. Top10 had already restarted… I had to write to my former boss Martina and ask for their copy. They don’t save the points but it was the players I needed.

    Thanks Martina for saving me - again!


    Wicked got the gold, the report has been posted but it wasn’t the full report so here it is.


    DTcat didn’t answer.



    Teutonic Steel


    braciaki, his name disappeared when I lost my list so couldn’t write to him and no time today when I got it again.

    Taequiro and there we also have the rank 4 defender.


    What? was also a lost name.

    HOT CLUB - oh yes :) I’ve been in DT chat, thanks for invite! He has really been a disturbing, irritating, unpredictable neighbor for them - lol


    Luffy - and his hammer is still growing.




    OK, it wasn’t odd that I recognized the name on the attackers list, most of them was from the meta that hosts me :D

    For the same reason as above I had only wrote to one of the defenders.

    TR Therossa on rank 10


    The alliance Top10



    I’ve also seen in chats that many villages have been zeroed or chiefed so I checked on getter who has been most energetic.




    Misantrop X3 White, 7 conquests, 4 natars.

    Luffy Exodus, 7 conquests, all enemies.

    PrayForMain SPQR™, 6 conquests all from tech accounts.

    Gargamel Smurfs R, 5 conquests all from Turks that obviously chose wrong area to build a stronghold.

    ArChiVe Knights, 5 conquests, all enemies.

    Hooligans DaciaNV, 5 conquests, mixed.

    Frog-anculo M.L-PWR 5 conquests, 4 start villages from meta.

    Snatch Infiniti, 5 conquests 3 from ML

    Sukhoi Winter B, 5 conquests, mixed

    The Assassins Concord 5 conquests, cleaning his area.




    Hmm, It might be a reason that DTCAT didn’t answer.. in getter his pop shows a significant 50% drop in population…


    The other ones from Top10 is also here.

    Players Top20 Offensive


    Alliances Top20 Offensive

    The alliance list is interesting. The quads with most combats are NW and SE.


    I have more reports but this post is about Top10 offensive so I post them in my report thread tonight instead.

  • Cbanner2019.png

    Artefacts has arrived and with that we have entered the second half of the Final with 7 weeks left to the start of the endgame.

    (And I’m still struggling with the NE analysis, but I’m halfway now ^^)

    The def in artefacts was a little less than last year.







    Time table (UTC+1)

    I think that the less populated map has affected the speed with which the artefacts has been taken, fewer was taken the first hour.


    Artefacts distribution

    We have 87 artefacts, NE got 21 and the other quads 22 each. Uollas (SPQR) took 3 from NW quad. one from SE and got in total 22. Exodus/Dacia&Co got 18, Union 17, ML 14 and IT 6. MC got 1 artefact, the Unique Boots. A few small is in the hands of smaller alliances and if they haven’t lost them already they soon will do.


    Uollas has taken the small boots from TR.. during the time I have been working with this (we have our yearly Winter LAN this weekend so my attention have been distracted. So they have now 23 artefacts in total. 3 fools to force to trainer is nice too.A good display of artefacts that will give them advantage in the following weeks.


    Exodus/Dacia and friends, not so bad. Could have been better if they had given some attention to the SPQR stronghold, but they still have what is needed to continue forward endgame.


    Union, Unique Diet and Trainer - that is a good catch. They also have taken back the small boots from Turks. I was told that due to the nap they should not go for artefacts in NW - well.. someone didn’t listen :P They still have 4 artefacts to take back from Germany and P&W


    ML didn’t get a large Architect neither a Unique. We can look forward to a continued war in this quad to get the desirable artefacts. They stole 2 artefacts from SW.

    Edit: today the large artefact was transferred from Warning to ML


    IT, a nice collection. They will need a lot of def to keep them :)

    Edit: Large Architect transferred to ML today.



    The new confed system, will it bring new strategies or not when it comes to WW building? So far only EX/D seems to try something new.


    Due to how artefacts was distributed 3 metas now have the strength to fight for victory. ML need to conquer an artefact if they want to participate (Edit: Done). IT will have to change all accounts to defensive to get enough power to defend what they have :D

    And we still have to see what happens with the building plans.

    U/Arabs has only one WW so far hold by Rebels, 100/100.

    Exodus/Dacia&Co has four. Dacia -100/0, Smurfs -100/100, Exodus -2/12 and 777 -12/2.

    Union has one WW hold by Power, -100/-100.

    ML 100/-100

    IT 100/0

    TH 0/100

  • NorthEast

    Italians, italians and everywhere italians, both ingame and on the forum - which is quite fun since they are not allowed to play Tournament officially. And to be honest our forum probably should be quite boring without them :D As long they keep their internal bantering on their home server :P

    That don’t stop them though, it’s too enticing to play against the supposed best players in the world. I’m writing supposed because due to the problems in the latest Finals and due to the new detection system we have lost many of the most skilled players. The latter because the system seems to have problems to separate skilled highly active players from players abusing the system.

    Of course it’s probably possible that those high ranked players that have quit have done that because they can’t play without the support from bots and multies or tech :P In opposition other skilled players have quit because they in their turn have tired on the too common cheating in Finals.

    So we have less players than before but those that still play are committed and still have fun. Most of them at least. There are those that have moved far out and don’t have much impact on the game.


    Together the 3 groups in Uollas meta has a little more than 900 players.

    On the first map we have the Italians. They have 2 strongholds, one close to center and one (SPQR) in the NW area, a strategy that gave them extra artefacts since no alliance from Exodus challenged them there.

    Wallace, Uollas and a couple of players from NØA are very active at the NW border and seems to enjoy the fighting with the Exodus alliances.


    I made tables based on ingame ranks and gettertools. They was from before artefacts so I’ve spent the last days to update them. When it comes to Chiefed/Lost villages you have to check details to see if it’s real ones or not. I’ve checked the top2 to 3 cases.

    Uollas have taken most from Thai and lost most to Exodus.

    Wallace have taken from Luzeri, Hunor, Thai and lost to Exodus, Hunor, Magor.

    NØA Have taken most from unknown (players without alliance) and Thai. Lost to Thai and themselves.

    HCK has taken from Templars (former Knights) and unknown, lost to TG, themselves and Smurfs.

    SPQR (all three) have lost start villages, mostly to Exodus and taken some from HUN.

    Vodka lost to Uollas and Templars.


    STOP ROSIK! from UollasL

    Q. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What to you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?

    How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before ?*

    A. Hello, I'm Ros, 23yo boy from south Italy, and I'm medical student so when I don't play travian I study and do all things young people do :D

    Yes I have two duals, Ludo and Betta, no way to play finals alone and as one of the main leaders. I played almost all tournament servers with my alliance, just missed some. We are an old-made alliance and we play travian from many many years back. Uollas alliance was born in Italian server but from some server we have a lot of foreign player in our ally from all over the world :D

    Q. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? Which meta do you think is your greatest opponent for the victory and why?

    A. About the other quad:

    -/+ is populated by Dacia/Exodus meta, turks seems already dead thanks to smurfs/rush alliances. There are also SPQR that was able to take some good artifact from their quad. Anyway having NAP with all -/- they are focusing only on us, doing war on borders.

    -/- is populated by russian meta and some german alliances, but I think for russian is a quiet server this year, for this reason they are for sure our great opponents (talking about WW race ofc), also thanks to unique diet and trainers that spawned there.

    +/- is populated by chinese meta, ML meta and the other italian meta that we are used to call "pattanza". If im not wrong MC (chinese) are doing war mainly against poland, while between ML and the other ita meta there was war until some day ago while now they made a NAP, was for sure an interesting quad. Forgot to say that we have war also in this border, mainly against Hunor/Infiniti and Warning that settled in our quad.

    Q. Your opinion about Thai/Knights/TR in your own quad?

    A. Seems they are not so organized. Thai just wanted the WW on border and we are fighting against them everyday, knights already died. TR are fighting in the outback with arabs but are not our main problem.

    Q. Who are your favorite enemy/alliance and why?

    A. As greatest opponents I'll say russian alliances. As enemy Exodus are doing very good against us, they have really good players.

    Q. What are your alliance’s main goal? In which way will you support your victory (due to the confed limit)?

    A. Ofc our main goal is try to win the server, as every meta in finals. We'll try to do our best, didn't decide yet how to manage alliances during WW race.

    Q. Why do you think Huns is the least popular tribe?

    A. I don't like Huns and as off player I will always choose Teutons, I think they are the best (also thanks to brewery). Huns are maybe good for shortwar or to do horse hammer for killing others hammer, but as I said imho for offensive account teutons are better.


    Next group of alliances in this meta belongs to the Arabs. They are holding the primary WW, and most of them is in the centre of the Quad. Compared to the Italian table they don't have much to do.


    Classic have lost to !!CS!!, internal and Turks.

    Classic™(Former Turk War) have lost to TR and !!CS!!

    Rebels (all three) has taken from ВЛАДЫКИ and lost to internal, Lowlands (former Concordia), !!CS!! and TG.


    M..G..M from Rebels

    Q. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What to you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?

    How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before?

    A. My name is Abujyad, male, age 39, my profession is unknown. My account name is M..G..M. Our ally is Rebels and I am proud of them. We have a selection of the best Arab players. When I don’t play Travian I travel using a car from city to city and from country to country. I never use the plane.

    My account is not dual. I myself played the tournament for 10 years but this game for at least 14 years. All my players are Arabs from all Arabs country and some of them are living abroad in Europe or USA. The majority of us played for more than 5 years together as one group with me being the overall leader.


    Q. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? Which meta do you think is your greatest opponent for the victory and why

    A. As always there are battles at every possible fronts with occasional ceasefire and renegotiations. It’s almost so complicated. There is many conflicting interests and divisions within big metas as well as between quads.

    I think it’s hard to say which meta would be my greatest rivals, there are many unconventional metas and many new players for countries with small participation in such tournaments. This makes this final very challenging and unpredictable.


    Q. Your opinion about Thai/Knights/TR in your own quad

    A. Its a good Quad but we didn’t have intensive engagements with them. So I can't tell much about them except that they are holding their ground.


    Q. Who are your favorite enemy/alliance and why

    A. I don’t have any favorite enemy, but I know for sure that we have many enemies that would try to make us lose intentionally if we were in the top tier. I’m not going to say more about this subject.


    Q. What are your alliance’s main goal? In which way will you support your victory (due to the confed limit.

    A. The WW of course.

    Honesty, perseverance and patience are what we need.


    Q. Why do you think Huns is the least popular tribe?

    A. It´s a good question.. The huns have good cavalry units, but lots of disadvantages regarding their defense as well as their offense. Their city wall is very weak against rams and gives very little defensive points. It’s simply the worst city wall between all tribes.

    They have also the weakest catapults, which render them useless against WW. The infantry is almost inefficient; their hammer´s unit are the bowmen.

    Don’t cost a lot but they take relatively lot of time to produce and they raid very very little only 30 res.. Any Pro player would never choose them. I have already played the qualifications with this tribe. It was a nightmare! You can't train solid defense or offense.

    The only servers where I would play with them is maybe in PTP servers but not in the classical version of Travian with WW.

    Until this day there is no other tribe better than the teutons to play offensive with, and they even had a very solid defensive units especially against cavalry and strong city wall against rams. So it’s really unfair to make the huns an offensive tribe with many disadvantages in their offense regarding catas strength and infantry time. Let say that they are defensively the worst tribe.

    Whenever you want to register in a server, you can always choose Teutons it’s the safest option for the best attack and a very solid defense. The Teutons have the brewery which gives 20% on your attack. It’s insanely the most powerful offensive tribe in travian without any defensive disadvantages.


    Last part of the Uollas/Arab meta are, a mix of nationalities. Concordia that now have split in two parts Lowlands (Netherlands) and $G0D$ (France), G&V (Greeks), NKRI (Indonesians) and CS. Their strongholds are concentrated to the borders. Lowlands has been most active in this group. 19FLowlandsmap.1.png

    Lowlands has taken from Thai, unknown, internal and arabs. Lost to Exodus.

    G0D has taken from Magor and INfiniti. Lost to Thai and internal.

    G&V (both) not much have happen here, probably most exchanges of spawns.

    NKRI (both). Lost to Infiniti, Newface, Hunor, Templars and Lowlands.

    CS (both) Taken from Thai and lost to Thai


    Draugr from $G0D$

    Q. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What do you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?

    How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before?

    A. I’m most commonly called Sky’ in the game. I’m a (almost) 25 years-old guy, from France, and actually working as PhD student. When not playing travian, I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, my cat and my dog. As a team, it happens sometimes that we play in other games, which, I think, can truly enhance teamwork ! 😊

    Talking about this, my team is a French group who was named COQ, that renamed into Poilus last year and played inside NewOrder during qualifications. We are playing all together since several years now, it’s more like a little family.

    Q. Your alliance Concordia has splitted. Why?

    A. Because Travian changed the way of playing with confederation system, we tried for this finals round, to unify our forces with T.F.D (who were also part of Uollas meta last year), in a new project called Concordia (referring to the peace treaty between France and the Netherlands).

    Unfortunately, it didn’t go as good as expected. Cultural differences in the way of managing an alliance, and cultural differences in term of travian strategies were too much different to work properly, especially in a tense zone where we are. In the end, splitting was the only way we found for the both group to play the way they’re used to.

    Q. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? Which meta do you think is your greatest opponent for the victory and why?

    A. Exodus have shown a great improvement in comparison of last couple of years. They managed to improve their teamplay and strategic moves. Being in direct border with us makes them, for sure, our greatest opponent yet for this round.

    Q. Your opinion about Thai/Knights/TR in your own quad?

    A. Well, they tried to settle our area, overflowing with several alliances. I suppose they jumped on the opportunity to install a late-game play thanks to the many enemies we have in that area. Still we’re having fun making war with them, some are showing a nice fairplay even if it’s annoying to have them here :D

    Q. Who are your favorite enemy/alliance and why?

    A. I guess all former Concordian will agree to say Knights are (were? :D) our favorite enemy. They always sent out a message with a GG when they failed somewhere, or kindly taunted when we failed. It was a good enemy relationship. Unfortunately, and that’s why I’m talking in the past, we wiped out 90% of their players in our area now. ^^

    Q. What are your alliance’s main goal? In which way will you support your victory (due to the confed limit)?

    A. Concordia had to hold as most as possible the NW border. As said earlier, many alliances (Thai/Knights/TR) tried to overflow some spots behind our lines, while Exodus tried to enter deeply in frontline. Even if we had some internal issues as I said earlier, we still managed to erase a lot of guys behind our lines. So it is actually going very good so far, for a small group against so much enemies. And will be even better for us now that we’re split up 😊

    Q. Why do you think Huns is the least popular tribe?

    A. No idea… It offers great advantages in offensive ways and that is why I play with this tribe. Maybe their main weakness, which is the inability to have good enough defensive troops, causes this tribe to be the least popular.


    The biggest opponent is Thailand with a smaller stronghold around the WW 0/100. For being such a small meta their off and def ranks is better than I expected.


    TH-90s has taken from CS, ВЛАДЫКИ, NO and NØA. Lost to Uollas, NØA and Wallace.

    TH-TT has taken from Ottomans, Lowland and $G0D$. Lost to CS, Lowlands and Uollas.

    TH-FF has lost to ND and Uollas.


    DisCo_ZoHaN from TH-TT


    1. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What to you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?

    How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before?

    2. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? Which meta do you think is the favorite for the victory and why?

    3. Your opinion about Uollas meta in your own quad?

    4. Who are your favourite enemy/alliance and why?

    5. What are your alliance’s main goal?

    6. Why do you think Huns is the least popular tribe?


    1 I am the player who has lead a group of Thai player here for many years.

    2 I have a lot of friends in Tournament and some of my fu.... brother(just missing him) hehe

    3 Nothing.

    4 Nothing.

    5 Our goal is to hold our WW to the end because my ally are not the ally who will build WW for win hehe.

    6 Not a good balance like other tribes I think. Huns are good at offs but why is the defensive is so bad?


    Turks in NE reorganized in the middle of December. The alliance TR disappeared and instead two new was formed, Ottomans and GF. Keeping tight together and partly sharing area with Arabs.


    TR.. has taken from Classic and lost to !!CS!!, HCK and NØA

    Ottoman, lost villages are probably spawns and the same for GF.


    SÜVARİ 21 from TR..


    1. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What to you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?

    How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before?

    2. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? Which meta do you think is the favorite for the victory and why?

    3. Your opinion about Uollas meta in your own quad?

    4. Who are your favourite enemy/alliance and why?

    5. What are your alliance’s main goal?

    6. Why do you think Huns is the least popular tribe?


    1. I'm Murat and 36 years old. I'm a machine operator. I started in 2008 and generally prefer play in final server. 90% of my team left. This server will be our last in Tournament.

    We have come with friends who have played together for a long time from group a.

    2. There are habitual and succeed countries. Generating metas against them.

    I didn't take a look so much to metas' situation because we won't be in the process of WW. I guess will take between Russian and Arabic metas again.

    3. As far as I am concerned, Uollas go forward planned and strongly. But can be surprise ending when WW time. Everything depends on continuity of confederacies.

    4. The Classic is the union of Turkish players who have adopted the service of the Arabs as a sense of play. We don't like them. They tried to offer gold to each of our player and draw them to their side. They tried to create spy accounts. They do everything unethical.


    5. Our goal is to have fun.

    6. Teutonic players prefer not to abandon their habits. I think it's the strongest choice for an attacker. It will be more popular in the future.


    The last group of alliances in NE. Templar, !!CS!! (Croatia), TG and Luzeri has stayed in the center. ВЛАДЫКИ has spread out. Slovakia went as far as possible. Newface and Božički have small strongholds not so far out.

    Templars was active the first month but seems to have lost their energy now. !!CS!! has been quite successful for such a small alliance.


    Templars has taken from unknown, Vodka and NKRI, lost to HCK, Uollas and NB.

    !!CS!! has taken from ВЛАДЫКИ, ND, TR.. and Classic. Lost to Uollas and HCK.

    TG has taken from HCK, Rebels and ND. Lost to Uollas, NØA and HCK.

    Luzeri had half of the members deleted the 9 January. Taken from CS and lost to Uollas, Wallace and Exodus.

    Slovakia, probably spawns lost.

    ВЛАДЫКИ, villages taken is internal. Lost is to !!CS!!, ND, Rebels, Thai and COT (in SW).

    Božički lost to NØA, NKRI and Lowlands.

    Newface has taken from NKRI and lost to !!CS!! and Uollas.


    I began before Christmas with this and puh, finally manage to finish it. I hope to do NW in a couple of weeks or three. At least before endgame starts - lol.

  • NorthWest

    I said that I would post NorthWest before endgame starts, well it's still some hours left... When endgame starts I will not be able to provide you with reports due to the confed system so I hope to see that you post them yourselves =)

    The NW meta consists of 3 bigger groups, Exodus, Dacia, Smurfs, and one smaller from different servers. In total 814 players. I included Thai in the NE analysis, they also have to be counted in even if they haven't done operations together. NW meta also have had an NAP with Union in SW which of course have let them concentrate on the enemies in NE.

    The inquad enemies haven't been able to cause much disturbance, too week and not enough organized.

    Only 240 players will be able to participate in the fight for victory, which leaves a lot of players outside in the end, not so fun for them. Even if the confed system has several positive effects I wonder if it really is the best format for Final. Players will not feel that they have been able to contribute as before and that might lead to less interest to play Tournament.


    Exodus with Emerik, Teuton Steel, in lead took the border position and have firsthanded fighted the Uollas, Wallace, NØA alliances at the border. The little Danish ally in specially have had an intensive server inside NE.


    Statistics. Done the latest days but have ofc changed by now. In Chiefed and Lost have I counted the top alliances.

    Due to this statistics Exodus seems to have had the upper hand in the border war.

    Exodus; Cheifed: friendly 27, Uollas meta 109, H~FR 23, Turks 46.

    Lost: Uollas meta 7

    Exodus A; Chiefed: unknown (players without alliance) 23, H~FR 20, Turks 19 SPQR 15, internal 10.

    Lost: SPQR 4

    Exodus Z; Chiefed: internal 17, H~FR 5, SPQR 6. Lost: UollasL 2

    Exodus DT; Chiefed: Uollas meta 25, Internal 6 ( chiefed villages changes owner). Lost: Uollas meta 8


    Interview with Ulrik, Canis Lupus, in ExodusDT

    1. Tell us about yourself and your alliance. Male/female, age, profession. What to you do when you’re not playing Travian? Do you have duals?
      How long have you/your alliance played in the Tournament? Where does your alliance come from? Have you played together before?

      …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Hey all! My name is Ulrik and my account (single) is Canis Lupus, from the alliance ExodusDT aka Danish Troublemakers (DT), and I am the Mascot. I am +40 Danish, and I am at current living in Sweden. I have a Master Degree in Marketing. I am self-employed and I work with online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I have been playing Travian on and off for 8 years.

    In 2018 I bumped into a group of Danish players on the finals and joined them late in G&V where they got beaten pretty well up under the Greek management. They have played together for several years but they welcomed me with open arms. The following years on the qualifications and finales I promoted myself to be the Mascot for DT.


    1. What do you know about other quads and what is happening there? In which order would you say the metas has best chance of winning?
      …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Our info in ExodusDT is limited because we are only a small piece of the big puzzle in NW. We follow the statistics articles in the forums but it is difficult to make a prediction who have the upper hand. Last year DT was part of Ru-team/Bad international and in the past they always play a strong game so Russian will probably be a front runner again followed close by Exodus+friends(NW) + ITA(NE). Have no clue about SE (sorry)
    2. Your opinion about the other alliances in your own quad? Turks, French, Latins? And the Pharaohs? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………We (ExodusDT) respect our opponents in travian - even if get cata's or lose city's . Its just a game..We get it there is much trash talking on the forum and many point fingers of each other. Not everybody hate everybody on the opposite teams/meta's . In ExodusDT we just want to have fun and get be entertained – that’s is why we play travian. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    3. Who are your favourite enemy/alliance and why? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Our favorite enemy have been UollasL+ NØA+Wallance because we have settled on the border to NE close to them. We have had some intense fights about the area for the first 100 days together with Exodus. At the beginning of the server ExodusDT was clearly they laughing stock on the border to NE but I guess the “the wise boys/girls” have stopped laughing. It just awesome and a victory for ExodusDT that our map is like “the blue ocean on the The Italian Riviera” 😉. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    4. Is this confed system fit in Tournament? Which changes would you like to see? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I see the point with the confed system but It have some flaws. Under attacks many accounts jumps alliance/confed for a short period of time to receive more defensive troops and then the return after the attack, but in my opinion this undermine the concept with the confed system. It might be an idea to introduce a rule that you cannot receive defensive troops from a new alliance if you are under attack or that an ally change would result in being in some kind of no man's land for 12hours. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    5. About the players average skills. Have they increased or decreased during the last years? …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..The finale is pretty intense, demanding a lot of online time, and the players level is still higher than regular servers. Maybe the average skills is getting slightly higher year by year but I think is due to fewer new players playing the finals. And with the new wave builder feature, travian has almost killed the challenges of attacking and defending. As a final comment, I thought the number of tech accounts has been disturbing on this finale. A regular gold user account will never get an equal start on the server as a gold user with 2-10 or more private tech accounts and this difference will just getting bigger day by day. The fact is, one can argue that the skills of the player makes no difference anymore, the crucial thing is how many tech accounts the player control.
      So Safiren you have forgotten to ask me the the most important question of them all. Do you want to play the next qualification and finals? And the short answer is No – why should I? the challenges are gone, is becoming more expensive due to fewer players, and if you do not control 2-5 tech accounts you have already lost.
      /Roger over and out / Canis Lupus aka the mascot from ExodusDT



    The Romanian players have splitted, part due to the new confed system and part because of grudges between leaders. A while ago they had one more split when Dacia T become renegades due to internal problems.

    Dacia have been building along the border to SW, could have been nice fights there if it hasn't been for the NAP with Union.



    Dacia NV; Chiefed: LAT-U1 62, unknown 20, Internal 26.

    Lost LAT-U1 4

    Dacia H; Chiefed: Internal 9, Antarcti 9, Dacta T 5.

    Lost Ottomans 10.

    Dacia NV1; Chiefed: Internal 16, LAT-U1 10, Turks 4.

    Lost: ND 8 (Players started in wrong quad?)


    Interview with Christi on cristyytziri in DaciaH

    1. Hi. My name is Cristi and I am a 29 male from Cluj-Napoca Romania. I am working in computer science. When I don't play travian I am usually with my family reading stories to my kids or spending time with my wife. This server I played alone on my account. Dacia has been around for multiple final tournaments and personally this is the 4th final that I play with Dacia. Dacia is a Romanian alliance and I have played with some of the players from Dacia H before this server but some were also new additions for this server.

    2. NE is composed of Italians, Arabs, Greeks, Czech, French and Croatian if I am not mistaken. They were the primal enemies for our NW meta this year.

    SW is mainly composed of the Russians and their allies but there were some Germans and Chinese players who tried to pose some trouble for them but I guess in the end they were not able to withstand the Russians. Congrats anyway for trying to oppose them.

    SE is a quadrant that I have the least info about since we didn't really have a lot to deal with (opposite side of the map from us). They were having inquadrant fights for a long time if I remember correctly.

    4. If I were to make some predictions for who the endgame race will end up I would suppose that the Russians will win because they managed to suppress the Germans and Chinese players rather quickly and with few losses and then they were able to focus on their endgame (wwk and deff). NW meta and NE meta had more actions between them so their deff should be expected to be less than the Russians (but then again the NE meta didn't do a lot of off actions). SE is still a puzzle and we can see how well they will manage to cooperate in the endgame.

    Then again the new confederation system will play a big role in how the endgame race will present itself. Now technically smaller teams will have bigger chances than before since there could be only 240 accounts supporting the WWTurks were definitely weaker than last year.

    3. French and Latinos were not really a problem from my point of view. Pharaoh had an interesting concept that they managed to play out well and pose some problems to some Vietnam players in our meta and also to some dacia players who settled to far out in that zone.

    The Russians are certainly something that cannot be underestimated. I will never forget the finals from two years ago where we fought side by side whole server (Dacia K vs Winter) in the BP/unique artifacts zone of nw quadrant. Having enemy catas at 20-30 minutes away was not an easy thing to handle… Also having the only off village in the - 35/4 BP zone in between 300 Russian villages and missing out on it for 1-2 minutes still stings a bit… But this is what I can appreciate about travian and about good enemies… They keep you on your toes and force you to become better.

    5. Confederation system is from my point of view an easy fix to the bug experienced in the past. This is limiting the abuses that we have seen previously and also limits to a greater extent the deff that can support a WW. Personally I think that it is not the best solution for this dying travian format but who am I to make such drastic accusations…

    6. Average people skill is either declining or kept stagnant by a few very good players who raise the bars very berry high. You don't see new players very often in travian because of the fact that the new generation is not interested in this game type/format anymore and the old school players are quitting or their time doesn't allow them to play like they used to. Furthermore I was trying to compare for example the different travian formats that we had in the past and I for one had a lot more fun with a RoA server than in any classic travian server for a long time. Classic travian servers tend to get rather doll because everyone is trying to gather a large meta and make peace with as many people as they can (take the NE meta for example). If you do that 90% of the server is idle and boring… I guess this is why people are not attracted to the game anymore. If I compare this to the RoA server I tried a few years back… There is not even a shred of doubt where I had more fun. The RoA format encourages more active style of play with a lot more attacks and relocations whereas the classic stype has devolved into a settle in an area, sim, train army, attack/defend rarely kind of a gameplay. Sure the addition of the new races has brought a change in the already well known tactics but maybe a little more stirring in the pot would be beneficial. But then again… What do I know. I'm just one player.



    Smurfs and their associated won the Russian qual and now they want to win the Final too :) Well situated around the primary WW at -100/100.



    Smurfs R ; Chiefed: Unknown 9, Latins 8, Internal 6, Turks 4.

    Lost: SPQR, Turks and FL 2 each.

    Rush S; Chiefed: Latins 54, Turks 52, FL 28, FR 26, Unknown 22, Internal 13.


    Interview with Audrius from Azrael in SMURFS R

    1. Hello, I'm Audrius(26), I do play under the duo account named Azrael together with Vilma, who was the originator of it in qualifications. I work in economics field and outside of travian the casual...: sports, traveling, hiking, hanging out with friends. I joined Smurfs last finals after 7 year hiatus from travian, but was one of the people who deleted when roll-back fiasco happened and Vilma keeps joking that I never finished a server. Vilma, herself, joined Smurfs during previous qualifications then they started gathering people.

    As for Smurfs history, well its not so deep. As I mentioned, main core formed under Russian meta(Gargamel, VAZ 2101, cobra11, ofi and few others) and decided to prove that Lithuanian players are capable to stand on their own in international scene. As for Rush its an alliance made out of two competive alliances in Lithuanian server but decided to merge to test out waters internationally, firstly they won com3 server and headed to finals where they wanted to form a strong team out of all Lithuanias better players but failed because of ego clash, so they ended up joining it under CUP flag, which to some extent failed but gave them plenty of valuable experience.

    This qualifications both alliances decided to form a coalition which ended up victorious in GroupB. Majority of Smurfs and Rush players come from Lithuania, but we have few international players as well. Player circle in Lithuania is not that great, so yes, most players bumped into each other in one or another occasion. As a whole team, no - its just finals now. Previously core played in few Lithuanian servers and one German server.

    2. Everyone has issues, us being no exception, but that's the question... Who can bounce back after the best, put their differences aside and focus on the finishing line. Having that in mind, Russian quadrant probably has least internal issues, but how everyone else does was definitively not our main concern being in WW area. It would be relatively stupid to not put ourselves at the top as that's basically the purpose of the game: to win. So if I had to rank it: Our, NW meta Russians quadrant, Uollas meta, ML meta.

    3. Considering Turks and Latinos "mini" meta tried to populate our area, we know them the best out of all. It looked bit concerning at the beginning, but after first week of clearing we knew there would not be much struggle in WW area and Gargamel did a great job basically solo wiping 2 alliances which settled around his cap. FL6 (one of Latinos alliances) seems to be most stubborn in staying, while everyone already left they still try to fight the battle they have no tools to fight in and basically sacrifice their members and their drive to play for no reason. Which from one point I respect, from another... Well... lets just say I'm thankful for all the villas they donated to us. Some of our members clash with FR a bit, but we did not consider them huge threat in any point so I can't comment on it much. And Pharaohs.. Yes, we know who they are and what is their sole purpose in that area. We had our "honor" to play with them in qualifications (they are other Lithuanians), they do have unique mindset and in the end tried to change the outcome of the server by stealing our plan at the last minute. They chose 1 villa strategy to be bit more annoying this round as I seen. However, as of now, they have to deal with other meta alliances as well and basically targets only tech accounts occasionally.

    4. I bet most of Smurfs would say Turks as favourite enemy, as they are responsible for quite a few funny stories and logs. One being their scarcity of rams for few finals in a row now. As of favourite, personally, probably PoweR, at least from outside they seem as pretty chill and gathered up alliance.

    5. To some extent yes, it brings more strategy and different approach to the endgame, some metas will probably try to risk more than others in abusing some mechanics. I would prefer travian team being more transparent and more engaging with community regarding changes, the game is dying down, and I bet there will be even less players as we progress. Plus I strongly disagree on them implementing drastic changes during finals, which they sadly do. It can cause huge bugs and in general change flow of the server drastically.

    6. We have a disagreement with Vilma on this one, I believe that it is decreasing as more and more great players either did slow down on their tempo or left in general, new ones can't fill shoes which were left as of now, they lack experience and Travian is not newbie friendly especially community wise. Vilma believes, that players constantly find new ways on improving and skill wise everyone is improving from previous servers, which makes sense, as the community is not growing but shrinking (no new players who would bring the scale down).


    Other meta

    Here we have the Ukrainians, Hungarians, Vietnams and the international alliance L9.



    L9; Chiefed: Unknown 44, Turkey 34, FR 30, Latins 24, Dacia T1 18, Internal 5.

    Lost , CS 5, Turkey 3.

    HUN; Chiefed: Turkey 27, Fr 20, Antarcti 17, SPQR 25,, Internal 22.

    Lost SPQR 12

    777; Chiefed: Merak 16, ITUR W@R 14, Internal 5.

    Viet Nam; Chiefed: Sloveni 12, Unknown 8, Internal 4.

    Lost: Sloveni 14, X3 5,


    Interview with Adam on Baal from HUN


    My name is Baal, Official Leader/Diplomat/System Lord for HUN team. We are a small group from Hungary. Our players always changing but we the leaders and some players are always the same. For this finals we united our forces with -GS-(Guerilla Squad). They are very strong and good players with unmatched morale. My real name is Adam (the first man) a Male 21 years old Car mechanic. When I'm not playing travian I'am working, enjoying my free times, driving our cars with my friends for fun. I have never played in Dual account before, next time maybe we will unite 2 or 3 account.. don't know.

    Our team playing on tournament maybe for 4 years in row, so I think we have a some experience so far.


    Where can I start it?

    Each Metas has the possibility to take the victory.

    NE is controlled by Uollas meta. Italians and their friends and playing close to the center and borders to secure their quadrant from other enemy teams. Fighting with Exodus and other italians at the same time… it looks very hard. While arabians and turk team building hammers in peace with tons of multi/bot/tech accounts.

    SE was splitted to 2 parts, INT alliance and friends vs ML arabian and friends. they fought against each other. Until they made a non-agressive pact. …But this SE inner war was for no sense because they lost advantages to win this finals every single day when they killed each other armies.

    And finally SW, Russia…. They are very quiet in this year. as far as I know there are missing a very serious team name BAD. I hope they will start again in the next year. Only this year finals we can see Russia vs Germany, and looks like the russians are overpowering them.

    If we look close and counting on everything we can make a possible list with metas beacause its impossible to know who will win… I hope our Meta from NW will do!


    When this server started we thought, our game will be very hard like hell but Turk alliances were defeated long ago. Tirsin Ulan and his team (bot team?) were settled to NW above everyone. Maybe NE Meta sent them to here, to slow even more stop us?…. I don't know They whole presence on NW is still a question for me.

    French and Latins also tried the same. luckily they were not enough to stop or slow NW meta.

    Pharaohs… where are they? They were settled far far away from center. Viet nam confronted with them mostly.


    Our favourite enemy is definitely the Italians. We played against them on qualy maybe 2 years ago, and now on this finals. I hope we will see each others in the future as friends or enemy.


    If you ask my opinion: This new confed system is not working good on the Finals. Reducing 1000 players to 240 who are able to send defense and resources into the WW. With this movement they simple hardened the WW builders and whole Metas work even more hard.

    So lets say it was not the best idea.


    Undoubtedly! For example we have a player who is growing even stronger after every server. made mistakes…huge mistakes but learn from them. This is beautiful or not? But we can say this for other players also. I hope we will become more stronger for next qualy!


    Other alliances

    The other alliances in NW haven't had much impact on the game. Many of the members has deleted, 316 players left.



    LAT-U1; Chiefed: Dacia 4, Smurfs 2, Anatolia 2.

    Lost: Dacia 74, Rush S 54, Smurfs R 24, L9 15.

    Antarcti; Chiefed: Turkey 21

    Lost: HUN 17, TH-TT 11, Dacia 9, L) 8.

    Merak; Chiefed: Antarcti 5.

    Lost: 777 16, Dacia NV, Exodus 18, DaciaNV 15

    Dacia T; Chiefed: Unknown 14, Internal 23, Ottomans 7, Dacia NV 5.

    Lost: L9 6, Exodus 5, Viet Nam 4.

    Ottomans; Chiefed: Dacia 13, BG team 4.

    Lost: Dacia T 7, Dacia/Exodus 10, BG team 4.



    WW stats

    And soon we will know who will be able to start building...