Hero Superpower

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  • TravianLegends_Hero_Superpower.png It was a long way. At first the journey through picturesque villages settled in the valley was even nice, but then last weeks exhausted him. Thick impenetrable forest that stretched above the horizon. Red parched canyon where he almost died of thirst. Huge rocks with snowy peaks that stood on his way and finally the lake with enormous waves. It was pure luck that he reached the island alive. Yet, he found it. The hero wiped hot sweat from his forehead and opened the book. First page contained a warning written in ancient Natar language: “This will bring unique power to the world. If you read this book, you will be the first, but not necessarily the only owner of this superpower. Will you dare? He hesitated…

    Dear players!

    We invite you to think about superpower this book might give to the in-game hero. Let your imagination fly free without any limitations! This can be something that fits the game and is well balanced. This can be some unique superpower that would turn the world upside down. This can be something funny or even insane (after all, Natars could just make a joke out of it, who knows)? In other words, this can be anything that fits “Travian hero superpower” theme.

    To take part in this contest just submit your answer to this thread. This can be image, text, video, table with hero characteristics – your choice!

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